to grab; to snatch up; variant of 焯

generous; ample; wide; spacious; well-off; to grip

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
绰绰有余 綽綽有餘 chuo4 chuo4 you3 yu2
enough and to spare (idiom)

绰号 綽號 chuo4 hao4

绰约 綽約 chuo4 yue1
graceful; charming

风姿绰约 風姿綽約 feng1 zi1 chuo4 yue1
graceful; charming; feminine

宽绰 寬綽 kuan1 chuo4
spacious; generously proportioned

阔绰 闊綽 kuo4 chuo4
ostentatious; extravagant; liberal with money

生活阔绰 生活闊綽 sheng1 huo2 kuo4 chuo4
a flashy lifestyle; to live it up

隐隐绰绰 隱隱綽綽 yin3 yin3 chuo4 chuo4
faint; distant; indistinct