variant of 繃|绷; variant of 繃|绷

to stretch; taut; to tie; to bind

to have a taut face

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
OK绷 OK繃 - - beng1
band-aid (Tw)

绷床 繃床 beng1 chuang2

绷带 繃帶 beng1 dai4
bandage (loanword)

绷簧 繃簧 beng1 huang2

绷紧 繃緊 beng1 jin3
to brace; taut

绷子 繃子 beng1 zi5
embroidery frame; hoop; tambour

绷着脸 繃著臉 beng3 zhe5 lian3
to have a taut face; to pull a long face; to look displeased

绷扒吊拷 繃扒吊拷 beng4 ba1 diao4 kao3
to strip, tie up, hang and beat sb, an ancient torture technique

绷巴吊拷 繃巴吊拷 beng4 ba1 diao4 kao3
variant of 繃扒吊拷|绷扒吊拷

紧绷 緊繃 jin3 beng1
to stretch taut

紧绷绷 緊繃繃 jin3 beng1 beng1
tight; taut; strained; sullen

石膏绷带 石膏繃帶 shi2 gao1 beng1 dai4
plaster cast

棕绷 棕繃 zong1 beng1
bed frame strung with palm fiber