to burst open; to split at the seam

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
饱绽 飽綻 bao3 zhan4
to swell to bursting (after having eaten too much)

开绽 開綻 kai1 zhan4
to come unsewn

卖破绽 賣破綻 mai4 po4 zhan4
to feign an opening in order to hoodwink the opponent (in a fight, combat etc)

皮开肉绽 皮開肉綻 pi2 kai1 rou4 zhan4
flesh lacerated from corporal punishment (idiom)

破绽 破綻 po4 zhan4
hole or tear in cloth; mistake or gap in a speech or theory

破绽百出 破綻百出 po4 zhan4 bai3 chu1
lit. one hundred splits (idiom); fig. full of mistakes (of speech or written article)

纱绽 紗綻 sha1 zhan4

绽放 綻放 zhan4 fang4
to blossom

绽开 綻開 zhan4 kai1
to burst forth

绽裂 綻裂 zhan4 lie4
to split open; to split apart

绽露 綻露 zhan4 lu4
to appear (formal)

绽破 綻破 zhan4 po4
to burst; to split

绽线 綻線 zhan4 xian4
to have a ripped seam