slow; unhurried; sluggish; gradual; not tense; relaxed; to postpone; to defer; to stall; to stave off; to revive; to recuperate

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
啴缓 嘽緩 chan3 huan3
relaxed; unhurried

沉缓 沉緩 chen2 huan3
unhurried; deliberate

迟缓 遲緩 chi2 huan3
slow; sluggish

弛缓 弛緩 chi2 huan3
to relax; to slacken; relaxation (in nuclear magnetic resonance)

从缓 從緩 cong2 huan3
not to hurry; to procrastinate; to postpone

低缓 低緩 di1 huan3
low and unhurried (voice etc); low and gently sloping (terrain)

放缓 放緩 fang4 huan3
to slow; to slow down (the pace of)

高速缓冲存储器 高速緩衝存儲器 gao1 su4 huan3 chong1 cun2 chu3 qi4
cache (computing)

高速缓存 高速緩存 gao1 su4 huan3 cun2

和缓 和緩 he2 huan3
mild; gentle; to ease up; to relax

缓办 緩辦 huan3 ban4
to postpone; to delay

缓兵之计 緩兵之計 huan3 bing1 zhi1 ji4
delaying tactics; stalling; measures to stave off an attack; stratagem to win a respite

缓步 緩步 huan3 bu4
to walk slowly; to amble along; gradually; slowly

缓不济急 緩不濟急 huan3 bu4 ji4 ji2
lit. slow no aid to urgent (idiom); slow measures will not address a critical situation; too slow to meet a pressing need

缓冲 緩衝 huan3 chong1
buffer; to cushion; to adjust to sharp changes

缓冲器 緩衝器 huan3 chong1 qi4
buffer (computer science)

缓存 緩存 huan3 cun2
(computing) cache; buffer memory

缓动 緩動 huan3 dong4

缓发中子 緩發中子 huan3 fa1 zhong1 zi3
delayed neutron

缓和 緩和 huan3 he2
to ease (tension); to alleviate; to moderate; to allay; to make more mild

缓缓 緩緩 huan3 huan3
slowly; unhurriedly; little by little

缓急 緩急 huan3 ji2
priority; whether sth is urgent

缓急轻重 緩急輕重 huan3 ji2 qing1 zhong4
slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matters first; sense of priority; also written 輕重緩急|轻重缓急

缓急相济 緩急相濟 huan3 ji2 xiang1 ji4
to help one another in difficulty; mutual assistance in extremity

缓颊 緩頰 huan3 jia2
to urge reconciliation; to dissuade from punitive action

缓降 緩降 huan3 jiang4
to decrease gradually; to descend gradually

缓降器 緩降器 huan3 jiang4 qi4
cable reel and harness used to lower oneself to safety (e.g. from a building on fire)

缓解 緩解 huan3 jie3
to bring relief; to alleviate (a crisis); to dull (a pain)

缓慢 緩慢 huan3 man4
slow; slow-moving

缓聘 緩聘 huan3 pin4
to defer employment; to put off hiring

缓期 緩期 huan3 qi1
to defer; to put off (until later); to postpone

缓期付款 緩期付款 huan3 qi1 fu4 kuan3
to defer payment

缓气 緩氣 huan3 qi4
to get one's breath back; to take a breather

缓刑 緩刑 huan3 xing2
suspended sentence; probation

缓征 緩徵 huan3 zheng1
to suspend taxes momentarily; to postpone military draft

减缓 減緩 jian3 huan3
to slow down; to retard

紧张缓和 緊張緩和 jin3 zhang1 huan3 he2

刻不容缓 刻不容緩 ke4 bu4 rong2 huan3
to brook no delay; to demand immediate action

空气缓冲间 空氣緩衝間 kong1 qi4 huan3 chong1 jian1
air lock

宽缓 寬緩 kuan1 huan3
relieved; tensions relax

平缓 平緩 ping2 huan3
level; almost flat; not strongly sloping; fig. moderate; mild-mannered; gentle

轻重缓急 輕重緩急 qing1 zhong4 huan3 ji2
slight or important, urgent or non-urgent (idiom); to deal with important matters first; sense of priority

趋缓 趨緩 qu1 huan3
to slow down; to ease up; to abate; slowdown; downturn

舒缓 舒緩 shu1 huan3
to ease (tension); to relax; to cause sth to relax; to alleviate; relaxed; easy and unhurried; leisurely; soothing; mild (slope)

纾缓 紓緩 shu1 huan3
to relax; relaxed

死缓 死緩 si3 huan3
deferred death sentence; commuted death sentence with forced labor and judicial review after two years (PRC) (legal)

死刑缓期执行 死刑緩期執行 si3 xing2 huan3 qi1 zhi2 xing2
deferred death sentence; abbr. to 死緩|死缓

松缓 鬆緩 song1 huan3
to loosen

喜则气缓 喜則氣緩 xi3 ze2 qi4 huan3
joy depresses one's qi vital breath; an excess of joy may lead to sluggishness of vital energy (TCM)

行动缓慢 行動緩慢 xing2 dong4 huan3 man4
lagging; slow to move; tardy

徐缓 徐緩 xu2 huan3
slow; sluggish; lazily; to slow down

延缓 延緩 yan2 huan3
to defer; to postpone; to put off; to retard; to slow sth down

迂缓 迂緩 yu1 huan3
dilatory; slow in movement; roundabout

暂缓 暫緩 zan4 huan3
to postpone

展缓 展緩 zhan3 huan3
to postpone; to extend