closely joined; connection; knot

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
缔结 締結 di4 jie2
to conclude (an agreement)

缔约 締約 di4 yue1
to conclude a treaty

缔约方 締約方 di4 yue1 fang1
party in a contract, treaty etc

缔约国 締約國 di4 yue1 guo2
signatory states; countries that are party to a treaty

缔造 締造 di4 zao4
to found; to create

缔造者 締造者 di4 zao4 zhe3
creator (of a great work); founder

结缔组织 結締組織 jie2 di4 zu3 zhi1
connective tissue

取缔 取締 qu3 di4
to suppress; to crack down on; to prohibit