to withdraw; to pull back; to contract; to shrink; to reduce; abbreviation; also pr.

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
低浓缩铀 低濃縮鈾 di1 nong2 suo1 you2
low-enriched uranium

抖缩 抖縮 dou3 suo1
to cower; to tremble

高浓缩铀 高濃縮鈾 gao1 nong2 suo1 you2
highly enriched uranium (HEU)

宫缩 宮縮 gong1 suo1
contraction of the uterus (during childbirth)

龟缩 龜縮 gui1 suo1
to withdraw; to hole up

肌肉萎缩症 肌肉萎縮症 ji1 rou4 wei1 suo1 zheng4
muscular dystrophy

简缩 簡縮 jian3 suo1
abbreviation; short form

节衣缩食 節衣縮食 jie2 yi1 suo1 shi2
to save on food and clothing (idiom); to live frugally

解压缩 解壓縮 jie3 ya1 suo1
to decompress; decompression (esp. computer)

紧缩 緊縮 jin3 suo1
(economics) to reduce; to curtail; to cut back; to tighten; austerity; tightening; crunch

紧衣缩食 緊衣縮食 jin3 yi1 suo1 shi2
see 節衣縮食|节衣缩食

可压缩 可壓縮 ke3 ya1 suo1

临阵退缩 臨陣退縮 lin2 zhen4 tui4 suo1
to shrink back as the time for battle approaches (idiom); to get cold feet

凝缩 凝縮 ning2 suo1
to condense; to concentrate; compression; concentration

浓缩 濃縮 nong2 suo1
to concentrate (a liquid); concentration; espresso coffee; abbr. for 意式濃縮咖啡|意式浓缩咖啡

浓缩机 濃縮機 nong2 suo1 ji1
a device for concentrating (a liquid); a condenser

浓缩铀 濃縮鈾 nong2 suo1 you2
enriched uranium

裘馨氏肌肉萎缩症 裘馨氏肌肉萎縮症 qiu2 xin1 shi4 ji1 rou4 wei1 suo1 zheng4
Duchenne muscular dystrophy

蜷缩 蜷縮 quan2 suo1
to curl up; to huddle; to cower; cringing

热缩管 熱縮管 re4 suo1 guan3
heat shrink tubing (aka heatshrink) (shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires)

瑟缩 瑟縮 se4 suo1
to curl up shivering (from cold); timid and trembling (in fear); to shrink; to cower

删简压缩 刪簡壓縮 shan1 jian3 ya1 suo1
to simplify and condense (a text); abridged

伸缩 伸縮 shen1 suo1
to lengthen and shorten; flexible; adjustable; retractable; extensible; telescoping (collapsible)

伸缩喇叭 伸縮喇叭 shen1 suo1 la3 ba5

伸缩性 伸縮性 shen1 suo1 xing4

收缩 收縮 shou1 suo1
to pull back; to shrink; to contract; (physiology) systole

收缩压 收縮壓 shou1 suo1 ya1
systolic blood pressure

首字母缩写 首字母縮寫 shou3 zi4 mu3 suo1 xie3

数据压缩 數據壓縮 shu4 ju4 ya1 suo1
data compression

缩氨酸 縮氨酸 suo1 an1 suan1
peptide (two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds CO-NH); same as 肽

缩成 縮成 suo1 cheng2
to shrink into

缩成一团 縮成一團 suo1 cheng2 yi1 tuan2
to huddle together; to curl up

缩短 縮短 suo1 duan3
to curtail; to cut down

缩多氨酸 縮多氨酸 suo1 duo1 an1 suan1
polypeptide, a chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds CO-NH, a component of protein; same as 多肽

缩放 縮放 suo1 fang4
scaling; resizing; zoom (graphics)

缩格 縮格 suo1 ge2
(typesetting) to indent

缩减 縮減 suo1 jian3
to cut; to reduce

缩紧 縮緊 suo1 jin3
to tighten; to contract; to shrink in

缩略 縮略 suo1 lve4
to contract; to abbreviate; abbreviation

缩略语 縮略語 suo1 lve4 yu3
abbreviated word; acronym

缩略字 縮略字 suo1 lve4 zi4
abbreviated character

缩排 縮排 suo1 pai2
(typesetting) to indent

缩时摄影 縮時攝影 suo1 shi2 she4 ying3
time-lapse photography

缩手缩脚 縮手縮腳 suo1 shou3 suo1 jiao3
bound hand and foot (idiom); constrained

缩水 縮水 suo1 shui3
to shrink (in the wash); fig. to shrink (of profits etc)

缩头乌龟 縮頭烏龜 suo1 tou2 wu1 gui1
person who refuses to face reality or confront a problem; ostrich

缩微平片 縮微平片 suo1 wei1 ping2 pian4

缩小 縮小 suo1 xiao3
to reduce; to decrease; to shrink

缩小模型 縮小模型 suo1 xiao3 mo2 xing2

缩写 縮寫 suo1 xie3
abbreviation; to abridge

缩胸 縮胸 suo1 xiong1
breast reduction; reduction mammaplasty

缩衣节食 縮衣節食 suo1 yi1 jie2 shi2
to economize on clothes and food; to scrimp and save (idiom)

缩阴 縮陰 suo1 yin1
to make the vagina tighter

缩印 縮印 suo1 yin4
to reprint (a book etc) in a smaller format

缩印本 縮印本 suo1 yin4 ben3
compact edition (of a dictionary etc)

缩影 縮影 suo1 ying3
miniature version of sth; microcosm; epitome; (Tw) to microfilm

缩语 縮語 suo1 yu3
abbreviated word; acronym

缩约 縮約 suo1 yue1
contraction (in grammar); abbreviation

通货紧缩 通貨緊縮 tong1 huo4 jin3 suo1

退缩 退縮 tui4 suo1
to shrink back; to cower

微缩 微縮 wei1 suo1
compact; micro-; miniature; to miniaturize

微缩胶卷 微縮膠捲 wei1 suo1 jiao1 juan3

萎缩 萎縮 wei3 suo1
to wither; to dry up (of a plant); to atrophy (of muscle, social custom etc)

畏缩 畏縮 wei4 suo1
to cower; to flinch; to quail; to recoil

畏缩不前 畏縮不前 wei4 suo1 bu4 qian2
to shrink back in fear (idiom); too cowardly to advance

畏畏缩缩 畏畏縮縮 wei4 wei4 suo1 suo1
cowering; cringing

心脏收缩压 心臟收縮壓 xin1 zang4 shou1 suo1 ya1
systolic blood pressure

压缩 壓縮 ya1 suo1
to compress; compression

压缩比 壓縮比 ya1 suo1 bi3
compression ratio

压缩机 壓縮機 ya1 suo1 ji1
compactor; compressor

压缩器 壓縮器 ya1 suo1 qi4

意式浓缩咖啡 意式濃縮咖啡 yi4 shi4 nong2 suo1 ka1 fei1
espresso; Italian style strong coffee

铀浓缩 鈾濃縮 you2 nong2 suo1
uranium enrichment

有损压缩 有損壓縮 you3 sun3 ya1 suo1
compression loss (in digital technology)

皱缩 皺縮 zhou4 suo1
to wrinkle; wrinkled up