to use up; to exhaust; empty

strokes 17
strokes after radical 11
告罄 告罄 gao4 qing4
to run out; to have exhausted

面罄 面罄 mian4 qing4
to explain in detail personally

罄笔难书 罄筆難書 qing4 bi3 nan2 shu1
too numerous to be cited (of atrocities or misdeeds) (idiom); see also 罄竹難書|罄竹难书

罄竭 罄竭 qing4 jie2
variant of 磬竭

罄尽 罄盡 qing4 jin4
to use up entirely

罄匮 罄匱 qing4 kui4
used-up; exhausted

罄然 罄然 qing4 ran2
well disciplined

罄身 罄身 qing4 shen1
nudity; nakedness

罄身儿 罄身兒 qing4 shen1 er5
erhua variant of 罄身

罄竹难书 罄竹難書 qing4 zhu2 nan2 shu1
so many that the bamboo slats have been exhausted; innumerable crimes (idiom); see also 罄筆難書|罄笔难书

售罄 售罄 shou4 qing4
to be completely sold out; to sell out

行将告罄 行將告罄 xing2 jiang1 gao4 qing4
to run short (idiom)