to fly fast

strokes 15
strokes after radical 9
浮想联翩 浮想聯翩 fu2 xiang3 lian2 pian1
to let one's imagination roam

联翩 聯翩 lian2 pian1
(literary) to come in quick succession; wave after wave

连翩 連翩 lian2 pian1
variant of 聯翩|联翩

翩翩 翩翩 pian1 pian1
elegant; graceful; smart; to dance lightly

翩翩起舞 翩翩起舞 pian1 pian1 qi3 wu3
(to start) dancing lightly and gracefully

翩然而至 翩然而至 pian1 ran2 er2 zhi4
come trippingly

翩跹 翩躚 pian1 xian1
spry and lively (of dancing and movements)