outstanding; to raise

to stick up; to rise on one end; to tilt

strokes 18
strokes after radical 12
连翘 連翹 lian2 qiao2

林家翘 林家翹 lin2 jia1 qiao2
Lin Chia-Chiao (1916-2013), Chinese-American physicist, astronomer and applied mathematician

前凸后翘 前凸後翹 qian2 tu1 hou4 qiao4
(of a woman) to have nice curves; buxom; shapely

翘材 翹材 qiao2 cai2
outstanding talent

翘楚 翹楚 qiao2 chu3
person of outstanding talent

翘居群首 翹居群首 qiao2 ju1 qun2 shou3
head and shoulders above the crowd (idiom); preeminent; outstanding

翘棱 翹稜 qiao2 leng5
to warp; to bend

翘盼 翹盼 qiao2 pan4
to long for; eager for

翘企 翹企 qiao2 qi3
to look forward eagerly; to long for

翘曲 翹曲 qiao2 qu1
to warp; to bend; fig. distorted opinion; prejudice

翘首 翹首 qiao2 shou3
to raise one's head and look around (esp. at the state of the nation)

翘首以待 翹首以待 qiao2 shou3 yi3 dai4
to hold one's breath (in anticipation) (idiom); to anxiously await

翘望 翹望 qiao2 wang4
to raise one's head and look into the distance; fig. to forward to; to long for

翘足 翹足 qiao2 zu2
lit. on tiptoes; to look forward eagerly; to long for

翘足而待 翹足而待 qiao2 zu2 er2 dai4
to expect in a short time (idiom); also pr.

翘足引领 翹足引領 qiao2 zu2 yin3 ling3
waiting on tiptoes and craning one's neck (idiom); to look forward eagerly; to long for; also pr.

翘嘴鹬 翹嘴鷸 qiao2 zui3 yu4
(bird species of China) Terek sandpiper (Xenus cinereus)

翘班 翹班 qiao4 ban1
to skip work; to sneak out of work early

翘板 翹板 qiao4 ban3
a see-saw

翘鼻麻鸭 翹鼻麻鴨 qiao4 bi2 ma2 ya1
(bird species of China) common shelduck (Tadorna tadorna)

翘辫子 翹辮子 qiao4 bian4 zi5
(coll.) to die; to kick the bucket

翘二郎腿 翹二郎腿 qiao4 er4 lang2 tui3
to stick one leg over the other (when sitting)

翘课 翹課 qiao4 ke4
to skip school; to cut class

翘拇指 翹拇指 qiao4 mu3 zhi3
to give a thumbs-up

翘起 翹起 qiao4 qi3
to stick up; to point sth up

翘翘板 翹翹板 qiao4 qiao4 ban3
see-saw; also written 蹺蹺板|跷跷板

翘舌音 翹舌音 qiao4 she2 yin1
retroflex sound (e.g. in Mandarin zh, ch, sh, r)

翘尾巴 翹尾巴 qiao4 wei3 ba5
to be cocky

翘硬 翹硬 qiao4 ying4
hard; erect; to be in erection

死翘翘 死翹翹 si3 qiao4 qiao4
to die; to drop dead