to beat; to hit; variant of 考; to inspect; to test; to take an exam

to check; to verify; to test; to examine; to take an exam; to take an entrance exam for; deceased father

strokes 6
strokes after radical 0
安全考虑 安全考慮 an1 quan2 kao3 lv4
security consideration

报考 報考 bao4 kao3
to enter oneself for an examination

备考 備考 bei4 kao3
(an appendix, note etc) for reference

闭卷考试 閉卷考試 bi4 juan4 kao3 shi4
closed-book examination

编班考试 編班考試 bian1 ban1 kao3 shi4
placement test

补考 補考 bu3 kao3
to sit for a makeup exam; to resit an exam; makeup exam; resit

参考 參考 can1 kao3
consultation; reference; to consult; to refer

参考材料 參考材料 can1 kao3 cai2 liao4
reference material; source documents

参考书 參考書 can1 kao3 shu1
reference book

参考椭球体 參考橢球體 can1 kao3 tuo3 qiu2 ti3
reference ellipsoid (geodesy)

参考文献 參考文獻 can1 kao3 wen2 xian4
cited material; reference (to the literature); bibliography

参考系 參考系 can1 kao3 xi4
frame of reference

参考消息 參考消息 can1 kao3 xiao1 xi1
Reference News (PRC limited-distribution daily newspaper)

参考资料 參考資料 can1 kao3 zi1 liao4
reference material; bibliography

查考 查考 cha2 kao3
to examine; to investigate; to try to determine

成考移民 成考移民 cheng2 kao3 yi2 min2
mandatory college exam for immigrants

充分考虑 充分考慮 chong1 fen4 kao3 lv4
to give sufficient consideration to

待考 待考 dai4 kao3
under investigation; currently unknown

代考 代考 dai4 kao3
to take a test or exam for sb

富贵寿考 富貴壽考 fu4 gui4 shou4 kao3
rank, wealth, and long life

赴考 赴考 fu4 kao3
to go and sit an examination

赶考 趕考 gan3 kao3
to go and take an imperial examination

高考 高考 gao1 kao3
college entrance exam (especially as abbr. for 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試|普通高等学校招生全国统一考试); entrance exam for senior government service posts (Taiwan)

汉语水平考试 漢語水平考試 han4 yu3 shui3 ping2 kao3 shi4
HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)

会考 會考 hui4 kao3
unified examination

会士考试 會士考試 hui4 shi4 kao3 shi4
agrégation (exam for teaching diploma in French universities)

监考 監考 jian1 kao3
to proctor (an exam); to invigilate

仅供参考 僅供參考 jin3 gong1 can1 kao3
for reference only

仅作参考 僅作參考 jin3 zuo4 can1 kao3
for reference only

久经考验 久經考驗 jiu3 jing1 kao3 yan4
well tested (idiom); seasoned; veteran

考霸 考霸 kao3 ba4
"exam master", sb who takes many exams and aces all of them

考本 考本 kao3 ben3
to take a relevant exam for a certificate (e.g. driving test, licence etc)

考波什堡 考波什堡 kao3 bo1 shi2 bao3
Kaposvár in southwest Hungary (German: Ruppertsburg), capital of Somogy county 紹莫吉州|绍莫吉州

考查 考查 kao3 cha2
to investigate; to study

考察 考察 kao3 cha2
to inspect; to observe and study; on-the-spot investigation

考察船 考察船 kao3 cha2 chuan2
survey ship

考察队 考察隊 kao3 cha2 dui4
investigation team; scientific expedition

考察团 考察團 kao3 cha2 tuan2
inspection team

考场 考場 kao3 chang3
exam room

考订 考訂 kao3 ding4
to check and correct

考分 考分 kao3 fen1
grade; exam mark

考古 考古 kao3 gu3

考古家 考古家 kao3 gu3 jia1

考古学 考古學 kao3 gu3 xue2

考古学家 考古學家 kao3 gu3 xue2 jia1

考官 考官 kao3 guan1
an examiner; an official conducting an exam

考核 考核 kao3 he2
to examine; to check up on; to assess; to review; appraisal; review; evaluation

考绩 考績 kao3 ji4
to check up on sb's achievements

考进 考進 kao3 jin4
to gain entry by passing an exam; to be admitted to (a college etc)

考究 考究 kao3 jiu1
to investigate; to check and research; exquisite

考据 考據 kao3 ju4
textual criticism

考卷 考卷 kao3 juan4
exam paper

考克斯 考克斯 kao3 ke4 si1
Cox (surname)

考克斯报告 考克斯報告 kao3 ke4 si1 bao4 gao4
Cox Report; Report of the Select Committee on US National Security and Military-Commercial Concerns with the PRC (1999); Committee Chairman Republican Rep. Chris Cox

考拉 考拉 kao3 la1
koala (loanword)

考量 考量 kao3 liang2
to consider; to give serious consideration to sth; consideration

考虑 考慮 kao3 lv4
to think over; to consider; consideration

考评 考評 kao3 ping2
evaluation; to investigate and evaluate

考期 考期 kao3 qi1
the exam period; the exam date

考勤 考勤 kao3 qin2
exam records; attendance roll

考勤簿 考勤簿 kao3 qin2 bu4
exam attendance register

考区 考區 kao3 qu1
the exam area; the district where an exam takes place

考取 考取 kao3 qu3
to pass an entrance exam; to be admitted to

考入 考入 kao3 ru4
to pass entrance exam; to enter college after a competitive exam

考上 考上 kao3 shang4
to pass a university entrance exam

考生 考生 kao3 sheng1
exam candidate; student whose name has been put forward for an exam

考试 考試 kao3 shi4
to take an exam; exam

考试卷 考試卷 kao3 shi4 juan4
exam paper; test paper

考试卷子 考試卷子 kao3 shi4 juan4 zi5
see 考試卷|考试卷

考试院 考試院 kao3 shi4 yuan4
Examination Yuan, the qualification and appointment board under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan; exam board

考题 考題 kao3 ti2
exam question

考完 考完 kao3 wan2
to finish an exam

考文垂 考文垂 kao3 wen2 chui2
Coventry city in West Midlands 西米德蘭茲|西米德兰兹, UK

考文垂市 考文垂市 kao3 wen2 chui2 shi4
Coventry (UK)

考选部 考選部 kao3 xuan3 bu4
Ministry of Examination, Taiwan

考研 考研 kao3 yan2
to sit an entrance exam for a graduate program

考验 考驗 kao3 yan4
to test; to put to the test; trial; ordeal

考证 考證 kao3 zheng4
to do textual research; to make textual criticism

考中 考中 kao3 zhong4
to pass an exam

科举考试 科舉考試 ke1 ju3 kao3 shi4
imperial examinations (in former times)

科考 科考 ke1 kao3
preliminary round of imperial examinations; abbr. for 科學考察|科学考察, scientific exploration

科考队 科考隊 ke1 kao3 dui4
scientific exploration team; expedition

兰考 蘭考 lan2 kao3
Lankao county in Kaifeng 開封|开封, Henan

兰考县 蘭考縣 lan2 kao3 xian4
Lankao county in Kaifeng 開封|开封, Henan

联考 聯考 lian2 kao3
entrance examination

普考 普考 pu3 kao3
examination for lower levels of Taiwan government service (short for 普通考試|普通考试)

普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試 pu3 tong1 gao1 deng3 xue2 xiao4 zhao1 sheng1 quan2 guo2 tong3 yi1 kao3 shi4
NCEE, National College Entrance Examination (college entrance exam in PRC); usually abbr. to 高考

期考 期考 qi1 kao3
end of term examination

期末考 期末考 qi1 mo4 kao3
final exam

期中考 期中考 qi1 zhong1 kao3
mid-term exam

商务汉语考试 商務漢語考試 shang1 wu4 han4 yu3 kao3 shi4
Business Chinese Test (BCT)

寿考 壽考 shou4 kao3
long life; life span

思考 思考 si1 kao3
to reflect on; to ponder over

斯考特 斯考特 si1 kao3 te4
Scott (name)

统考 統考 tong3 kao3
unified examination (e.g. across the country)

投考 投考 tou2 kao3
to sign up for an examination; to apply for admission (to a university etc); to apply (for a position)

显考 顯考 xian3 kao3
honorific term for one's deceased father; (arch.) great-great-grandfather

小考 小考 xiao3 kao3

研考 研考 yan2 kao3
to investigate; to inspect and study

应考 應考 ying4 kao3
to take an exam

招考 招考 zhao1 kao3
to advertise an entrance examination for an academic institution (old)

甄别考试 甄別考試 zhen1 bie2 kao3 shi4
to screen; to grade by examination; screening; placement test

准考证 准考證 zhun3 kao3 zheng4
(exam) admission ticket