extremely aged (in one's 80s or 90s); octogenarian; nonagenarian

strokes 10
strokes after radical 4
惛耄 惛耄 hun1 mao4
senile; senility

老耄 老耄 lao3 mao4
dim sight of the aged; doddering; senile

耄耋 耄耋 mao4 die2
extremely aged; gray and venerable

耄耋之年 耄耋之年 mao4 die2 zhi1 nian2
old age (in one's 80s, 90s, or more)

耄龄 耄齡 mao4 ling2
old age; eighties, nineties, or greater (of age)

耄倪 耄倪 mao4 ni2
old and young

耄期 耄期 mao4 qi1
to have reached the age of eighty or ninety

耄思 耄思 mao4 si1
to be upset or disturbed

谬耄 謬耄 miu4 mao4
feeble-minded and senile