surname Shua

to play with; to wield; to act (cool etc); to display (a skill, one's temper etc)

strokes 9
strokes after radical 3
耍宝 耍寶 shua3 bao3
to show off; to put on a show to amuse others

耍得团团转 耍得團團轉 shua3 de5 tuan2 tuan2 zhuan4
to fool; to dupe

耍废 耍廢 shua3 fei4
(Tw) (slang) to pass time idly; to chill; to hang out

耍猴 耍猴 shua3 hou2
to get a monkey to perform tricks; to put on a monkey show; to make fun of sb; to tease

耍花样 耍花樣 shua3 hua1 yang4
to play tricks on sb

耍花招 耍花招 shua3 hua1 zhao1
to play tricks on sb

耍滑 耍滑 shua3 hua2
to resort to tricks; to act in a slippery way; to try to evade (work, responsibility)

耍滑头 耍滑頭 shua3 hua2 tou2
see 耍滑

耍赖 耍賴 shua3 lai4
to act shamelessly; to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise etc; to act dumb; to act as if sth never happened

耍弄 耍弄 shua3 nong4
to play with; to engage in; to resort to; to dally with

耍脾气 耍脾氣 shua3 pi2 qi4
to go into a huff

耍贫嘴 耍貧嘴 shua3 pin2 zui3
(coll.) to wag one's tongue; to indulge in idle gossip and silly jokes; to chatter endlessly; to speak glibly

耍泼 耍潑 shua3 po1
(dialect) to make an unreasonable scene

耍钱 耍錢 shua3 qian2
to gamble

耍狮子 耍獅子 shua3 shi1 zi5
to perform a lion dance

耍手腕 耍手腕 shua3 shou3 wan4
to play tricks; to maneuver

耍私情 耍私情 shua3 si1 qing2
the play of passions; carried away by passion (e.g. to commit a crime)

耍坛子 耍罈子 shua3 tan2 zi5
to perform a jar juggling and balancing act

耍无赖 耍無賴 shua3 wu2 lai4
to act shamelessly; to behave in a way that leaves others tut-tutting and shaking their heads in disapproval

耍小聪明 耍小聰明 shua3 xiao3 cong1 ming5
to get smart; to resort to petty tricks

耍子 耍子 shua3 zi5
to play; to have fun

耍嘴皮 耍嘴皮 shua3 zui3 pi2
to show off with clever talk; big-headed; a smart-ass

耍嘴皮子 耍嘴皮子 shua3 zui3 pi2 zi5
to talk glibly; to talk big; to be all talk

玩耍 玩耍 wan2 shua3
to play (as children do); to amuse oneself

嬉耍 嬉耍 xi1 shua3
to play

戏耍 戲耍 xi4 shua3
to amuse oneself; to play with; to tease

杂耍 雜耍 za2 shua3
a sideshow; vaudeville