to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander; news; (coll.) to delay; to dilly-dally

strokes 10
strokes after radical 4
低耗 低耗 di1 hao4
low consumption (energy, fuel etc)

噩耗 噩耗 e4 hao4
news of sb's death; grievous news

功耗 功耗 gong1 hao4
electric consumption; power wastage

狗拿耗子 狗拿耗子 gou3 na2 hao4 zi5
lit. a dog who catches mice; to be meddlesome (idiom)

耗材 耗材 hao4 cai2
consumables; to consume raw materials

耗费 耗費 hao4 fei4
to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander

耗尽 耗盡 hao4 jin4
to exhaust; to use up; to deplete; to drain

耗力 耗力 hao4 li4
to require much effort

耗能 耗能 hao4 neng2
to consume energy; energy consumption

耗散 耗散 hao4 san4
to dissipate; to squander

耗失 耗失 hao4 shi1
(of sth that should be retained: nutrients, moisture, heat etc) to be lost

耗时 耗時 hao4 shi2
time-consuming; to take a period of (x amount of time)

耗时耗力 耗時耗力 hao4 shi2 hao4 li4
requiring much time and effort

耗损 耗損 hao4 sun3
to waste

耗油量 耗油量 hao4 you2 liang4
fuel consumption

耗资 耗資 hao4 zi1
to spend; expenditure; to cost

耗子 耗子 hao4 zi5
(dialect) mouse; rat

核燃料燃耗 核燃料燃耗 he2 ran2 liao4 ran2 hao4
nuclear fuel burnup

回耗 回耗 hui2 hao4
to write back; to send a reply

猫哭耗子 貓哭耗子 mao1 ku1 hao4 zi5
the cat weeps for the dead mouse (idiom); hypocritical pretence of condolence; crocodile tears

磨耗 磨耗 mo2 hao4
wear and tear; wearing out by friction

内耗 內耗 nei4 hao4
internal friction; internal dissipation of energy (in mechanics); fig. waste or discord within an organization

燃耗 燃耗 ran2 hao4
fuel consumption

伤耗 傷耗 shang1 hao4
damage (e.g. to goods in transit)

折耗 折耗 she2 hao4
loss of goods; damage to goods; shrinkage

生耗氧量 生耗氧量 sheng1 hao4 yang3 liang4
biological oxygen demand (BOD)

损耗 損耗 sun3 hao4
wear and tear

损耗品 損耗品 sun3 hao4 pin3

瞎猫碰上死耗子 瞎貓碰上死耗子 xia1 mao1 peng4 shang4 si3 hao4 zi5
a blind cat finds a dead mouse (idiom); blind luck

消耗 消耗 xiao1 hao4
to use up; to consume

消耗掉 消耗掉 xiao1 hao4 diao4

消耗量 消耗量 xiao1 hao4 liang4
rate of consumption

消耗战 消耗戰 xiao1 hao4 zhan4
war of attrition

音耗 音耗 yin1 hao4

油耗 油耗 you2 hao4
fuel consumption