a pair; a mate; a couple; to couple; plowshare

strokes 15
strokes after radical 9
电荷耦合 電荷耦合 dian4 he4 ou3 he2
electric charge coupling

电荷耦合器件 電荷耦合器件 dian4 he4 ou3 he2 qi4 jian4
charge-coupled device (CCD) (electronics)

光耦 光耦 guang1 ou3
abbr. for 光耦合器

光耦合器 光耦合器 guang1 ou3 he2 qi4
optocoupler (electronics)

耦合 耦合 ou3 he2
coupling (physics); copula (statistics); to be coupled (with sth)

耦居 耦居 ou3 ju1
to live together (as husband and wife)

耦联晶体管 耦聯晶體管 ou3 lian2 jing1 ti3 guan3
coupled transistor (electronics)

耦语 耦語 ou3 yu3
to have a tete-à-tete; to whisper to each other

耦园 耦園 ou3 yuan2
The Couple's Retreat Garden in Suzhou, Jiangsu

抛生耦 拋生耦 pao1 sheng1 ou3
to entice an inexperienced man

匹耦 匹耦 pi3 ou3
variant of 匹偶

齐大非耦 齊大非耦 qi2 da4 fei1 ou3
variant of 齊大非偶|齐大非偶

怨耦 怨耦 yuan4 ou3
variant of 怨偶