to chat; to depend upon (literary); temporarily; just; slightly

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
百无聊赖 百無聊賴 bai3 wu2 liao2 lai4
bored to death (idiom); bored stiff; overcome with boredom

聊备 聊備 liao2 bei4
to provide as expedient; to use temporarily as; to make shift

聊备一格 聊備一格 liao2 bei4 yi1 ge2
to use as a stopgap; to give perfunctory recognition; token; nominal

聊表寸心 聊表寸心 liao2 biao3 cun4 xin1
(of a gift) to be a small token of one's feelings

聊城 聊城 liao2 cheng2
Liaocheng prefecture level city in Shandong

聊城地区 聊城地區 liao2 cheng2 di4 qu1
Liaocheng prefecture in Shandong

聊城市 聊城市 liao2 cheng2 shi4
Liaocheng prefecture level city in Shandong

聊赖 聊賴 liao2 lai4
to suffer tedium

聊且 聊且 liao2 qie3
for the time being; tentatively

聊生 聊生 liao2 sheng1
to earn a living (esp. with negative)

聊胜于无 聊勝於無 liao2 sheng4 yu2 wu2
better than nothing (idiom)

聊天 聊天 liao2 tian1
to chat; to gossip

聊天儿 聊天兒 liao2 tian1 er5
erhua variant of 聊天

聊天室 聊天室 liao2 tian1 shi4
chat room

聊叙 聊敘 liao2 xu4
to speak tentatively

聊以解闷 聊以解悶 liao2 yi3 jie3 men4

聊以塞责 聊以塞責 liao2 yi3 se4 ze2
just to get away with one's responsibilities; in order to get off the hook

聊以自慰 聊以自慰 liao2 yi3 zi4 wei4
to find some consolation (idiom); to find relief in

聊斋志异 聊齋志異 liao2 zhai1 zhi4 yi4
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, Qing dynasty book of tales by 蒲松齡|蒲松龄

民不聊生 民不聊生 min2 bu4 liao2 sheng1
The people have no way to make a living (idiom, from Record of the Grand Historian 史記|史记); no way of getting by

陪聊 陪聊 pei2 liao2
to keep sb company for a chat; (esp.) to be a paid escort

无聊 無聊 wu2 liao2
bored; boring; senseless

闲聊 閑聊 xian2 liao2
to chat; idle gossip

闲聊天 閑聊天 xian2 liao2 tian1
to chat; idle gossip