to engage (a teacher etc); to hire; to betroth; betrothal gift; to get married (of woman)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 7
诚聘 誠聘 cheng2 pin4
to seek to recruit; to invite job applications from

反聘 反聘 fan3 pin4
to re-hire retired personnel

高薪聘请 高薪聘請 gao1 xin1 pin4 qing3
to hire at a high salary

缓聘 緩聘 huan3 pin4
to defer employment; to put off hiring

解聘 解聘 jie3 pin4
to dismiss an employee; to sack

纳聘 納聘 na4 pin4
to pay bride-price (payment to the bride's family in former times)

聘金 聘金 pin4 jin1
betrothal money (given to the bride's family)

聘礼 聘禮 pin4 li3
betrothal gift

聘请 聘請 pin4 qing3
to engage; to hire (a lawyer etc)

聘娶婚 聘娶婚 pin4 qu3 hun1
formal betrothal (in which the boy's family sends presents to the girl's family)

聘任 聘任 pin4 ren4
to appoint (to a position); appointed

聘书 聘書 pin4 shu1
letter of appointment; contract

聘问 聘問 pin4 wen4
international exchange of visits; to visit as envoy; to visit as family representative for purpose of marriage arrangement (traditional culture)

聘用 聘用 pin4 yong4
to employ; to hire

受聘 受聘 shou4 pin4
hired (for employment); invited (e.g. to lecture); engaged (for a task); (in olden times) betrothal gift from the groom's family

受聘于 受聘于 shou4 pin4 yu2
to be employed at

下聘 下聘 xia4 pin4
to send the betrothal gifts; (fig.) to conclude a marriage

延聘 延聘 yan2 pin4
to hire; to employ; to engage

延聘招揽 延聘招攬 yan2 pin4 zhao1 lan3
to enlist the services of sb

应聘 應聘 ying4 pin4
to accept a job offer; to apply for an advertised position

应聘者 應聘者 ying4 pin4 zhe3
person taking a job; job applicant

招聘 招聘 zhao1 pin4
to invite applications for a job; to recruit

招聘会 招聘會 zhao1 pin4 hui4
recruitment meeting; job fair

招聘机构 招聘機構 zhao1 pin4 ji1 gou4
recruiting agency

招聘协调人 招聘協調人 zhao1 pin4 xie2 tiao2 ren2
recruiting coordinator

招聘者 招聘者 zhao1 pin4 zhe3
prospective employer; person advertising a job; recruiter

征聘 徵聘 zheng1 pin4
to invite job applications; to recruit