four (banker's anti-fraud numeral); unrestrained; wanton; (literary) shop

strokes 13
strokes after radical 7
大肆 大肆 da4 si4
wantonly; without restraint (of enemy or malefactor); unbridled

大肆攻击 大肆攻擊 da4 si4 gong1 ji1
to vilify sb wantonly; unrestrained attack (on sb)

大肆鼓 大肆鼓 da4 si4 gu3
to advocate; to praise

放肆 放肆 fang4 si4
wanton; unbridled; presumptuous; impudent

酒肆 酒肆 jiu3 si4
wine shop; liquor store; bottle shop; bar; pub

食肆 食肆 shi2 si4
restaurant; eatery

肆虐 肆虐 si4 nve4
to wreak havoc; to devastate

肆无忌惮 肆無忌憚 si4 wu2 ji4 dan4
absolutely unrestrained; unbridled; without the slightest scruple

肆行 肆行 si4 xing2
to act recklessly

肆意 肆意 si4 yi4
wantonly; recklessly; willfully

肆意妄为 肆意妄為 si4 yi4 wang4 wei2
see 恣意妄為|恣意妄为

恣肆 恣肆 zi4 si4
unrestrained; unbridled; free and unrestrained (style); bold