elbow; pork shoulder

strokes 7
strokes after radical 3
变生肘腋 變生肘腋 bian4 sheng1 zhou3 ye4
lit. calamity in one's armpit (idiom); a major coup happening on one's doorstep; trouble or danger in one's own backyard

掣肘 掣肘 che4 zhou3
(lit.) to hold sb by the elbow; (fig.) to hold back; to impede; to handicap

东坡肘子 東坡肘子 dong1 po1 zhou3 zi5
Dongpo pork shoulder, traditional dish said to have been created by Northern Song dynasty writer Su Dongpo 蘇東坡|苏东坡

胳臂肘儿 胳臂肘兒 ge1 bei5 zhou3 er5

胳膊肘 胳膊肘 ge1 bo5 zhou3

胳膊肘朝外拐 胳膊肘朝外拐 ge1 bo5 zhou3 chao2 wai4 guai3
the elbow turns the wrong way; to favor an outsider instead of someone on one's own side (idiom)

胳膊肘子 胳膊肘子 ge1 bo5 zhou3 zi5
see 胳膊肘

护肘 護肘 hu4 zhou3
elbow pad; elbow support

实肘 實肘 shi2 zhou3
full arm (method of painting)

手肘 手肘 shou3 zhou3

肘腋 肘腋 zhou3 ye4
lit. armpit; elbow and armpit; fig. right up close (to a disaster); in one's backyard; on one's doorstep

捉襟见肘 捉襟見肘 zhuo1 jin1 jian4 zhou3
lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom); strapped for cash; unable to make ends meet