dropsical; swollen; to swell; to be bloated

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
吹胀 吹脹 chui1 zhang4
to blow up; to inflate

恶性通货膨胀 惡性通貨膨脹 e4 xing4 tong1 huo4 peng2 zhang4

发胀 發脹 fa1 zhang4
to swell up; swelling

鼓胀 鼓脹 gu3 zhang4
to swell; tympanites

臌胀 臌脹 gu3 zhang4
see 鼓脹|鼓胀

脑胀 腦脹 nao3 zhang4
lit. brain swelling; dizzy; light-headed; intoxicated

膨胀 膨脹 peng2 zhang4
to expand; to inflate; to swell

使膨胀 使膨脹 shi3 peng2 zhang4
to dilate; to expand

通货膨胀 通貨膨脹 tong1 huo4 peng2 zhang4

通胀 通脹 tong1 zhang4

通胀率 通脹率 tong1 zhang4 lv4
inflation rate

头昏脑胀 頭昏腦脹 tou2 hun1 nao3 zhang4
giddy; one's head spins

头脑发胀 頭腦發脹 tou2 nao3 fa1 zhang4
swelling of the head (physical condition); fig. swellheaded; conceited

头晕脑胀 頭暈腦脹 tou2 yun1 nao3 zhang4
dizzy and light-headed

头胀 頭脹 tou2 zhang4
distention in the head (TCM)

胀大 脹大 zhang4 da4

胀起 脹起 zhang4 qi3

滞胀 滯脹 zhi4 zhang4
stagflation (i.e. simultaneous inflation and stagnation)

肿胀 腫脹 zhong3 zhang4
swelling; oedema; internal bruising

紫胀 紫脹 zi3 zhang4
to get red and swollen