strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
碍胃口 礙胃口 ai4 wei4 kou3
to impair the appetite

败胃 敗胃 bai4 wei4
spoil one's appetite

瓣胃 瓣胃 ban4 wei4
omasum (third compartment of a ruminant's stomach)

不伤脾胃 不傷脾胃 bu4 shang1 pi2 wei4
lit. doesn't hurt the spleen or the stomach; fig. something that is not critical

肠胃 腸胃 chang2 wei4
stomach and intestine; digestive system

肠胃道 腸胃道 chang2 wei4 dao4
digestive tract

肠胃炎 腸胃炎 chang2 wei4 yan2

倒胃口 倒胃口 dao3 wei4 kou3
to spoil one's appetite; fig. to get fed up with sth

吊胃口 吊胃口 diao4 wei4 kou3
(coll.) to keep sb in suspense; to tantalize; to keep on tenterhooks

对胃口 對胃口 dui4 wei4 kou3
to one's taste; tasty; fig. sth one enjoys

反胃 反胃 fan3 wei4
retching; vomiting

蜂巢胃 蜂巢胃 feng1 chao2 wei4
reticulum (second stomach of ruminants, with honeycomb pattern); tripe

和胃力气 和胃力氣 he2 wei4 li4 qi4
to harmonize the stomach and rectify qi 氣|气 (Chinese medicine)

肌胃 肌胃 ji1 wei4

开胃 開胃 kai1 wei4
to whet the appetite; appetizing; to amuse oneself at sb's expense; to tease

开胃菜 開胃菜 kai1 wei4 cai4
starter; appetizer

开胃酒 開胃酒 kai1 wei4 jiu3
aperitif wine

脾胃 脾胃 pi2 wei4
spleen and stomach (digestive organs in TCM); preferences; one's taste (e.g. in literature)

前胃 前胃 qian2 wei4
proventriculus; forestomach

胃癌 胃癌 wei4 ai2
stomach cancer

胃病 胃病 wei4 bing4
stomach trouble; stomach illness

胃蛋白酶 胃蛋白酶 wei4 dan4 bai2 mei2

胃寒 胃寒 wei4 han2
stomach cold (TCM)

胃镜 胃鏡 wei4 jing4
gastroscope (medicine)

胃口 胃口 wei4 kou3
appetite; liking

胃绕道 胃繞道 wei4 rao4 dao4
gastric bypass

胃酸 胃酸 wei4 suan1
gastric acid

胃疼 胃疼 wei4 teng2

胃痛 胃痛 wei4 tong4

胃下垂 胃下垂 wei4 xia4 chui2

胃炎 胃炎 wei4 yan2

胃液 胃液 wei4 ye4
gastric fluid

胃灼热 胃灼熱 wei4 zhuo2 re4
heartburn; pyrosis

洗胃 洗胃 xi3 wei4
to have one stomach's pumped; gastric lavage (medicine)

益胃生津 益胃生津 yi4 wei4 sheng1 jin1
to benefit the stomach and increase fluids (idiom)