healthy; at ease

fat; plump

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
矮胖 矮胖 ai3 pang4
short and stout; dumpy; roly-poly

病态肥胖 病態肥胖 bing4 tai4 fei2 pang4
morbidly obese (medicine)

打肿脸充胖子 打腫臉充胖子 da3 zhong3 lian3 chong1 pang4 zi5
lit. to swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing (idiom); to seek to impress by feigning more than one's abilities

发胖 發胖 fa1 pang4
to put on weight; to get fat

肥胖 肥胖 fei2 pang4
fat; obese

肥胖症 肥胖症 fei2 pang4 zheng4

高矮胖瘦 高矮胖瘦 gao1 ai3 pang4 shou4
one's physique (tall or short, thin or fat); stature

过胖暴食症 過胖暴食症 guo4 pang4 bao4 shi2 zheng4
binge eating disorder (BED)

胖大海 胖大海 pang4 da4 hai3
malva nut; seed of Sterculia lychnophora

胖嘟嘟 胖嘟嘟 pang4 du1 du1
plump; pudgy; chubby

胖墩墩 胖墩墩 pang4 dun1 dun1
short and stout; heavy-set

胖墩儿 胖墩兒 pang4 dun1 er5
(coll.) short, fat person (esp. a kid); a roly-poly

胖乎乎 胖乎乎 pang4 hu1 hu1

胖人 胖人 pang4 ren2
overweight person; fatty

胖头鱼 胖頭魚 pang4 tou2 yu2
see 鱅魚|鳙鱼

胖子 胖子 pang4 zi5
fat person; fatty

心广体胖 心廣體胖 xin1 guang3 ti3 pan2
big-hearted and serene (idiom); contended and easy-going

心宽体胖 心寬體胖 xin1 kuan1 ti3 pan2
big-hearted and serene (idiom); contented and easy-going

一口吃不成胖子 一口吃不成胖子 yi1 kou3 chi1 bu4 cheng2 pang4 zi5
lit. you cannot get fat with only one mouthful (proverb); fig. learn to walk before you run

一口吃个胖子 一口吃個胖子 yi1 kou3 chi1 ge5 pang4 zi5
lit. to want to get fat with only one mouthful (proverb); fig. to try to achieve one's goal in the shortest time possible; to be impatient for success