strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
脖颈儿 脖頸兒 bo2 geng3 er5
back of the neck; nape

脖领 脖領 bo2 ling3
shirt collar

脖子 脖子 bo2 zi5

红脖子 紅脖子 hong2 bo2 zi5
redneck (mildly disparaging term for poor white Americans, sim. hillbilly)

脚脖子 腳脖子 jiao3 bo2 zi5
(coll.) ankle

勒脖子 勒脖子 lei1 bo2 zi5
to throttle; to strangle

脸红脖子粗 臉紅脖子粗 lian3 hong2 bo2 zi5 cu1
red in the face; extremely angry

抹脖子 抹脖子 mo3 bo2 zi5
to slit one's own throat; to commit suicide

牛脖子 牛脖子 niu2 bo2 zi5
(coll.) bullheaded; obstinate

掐脖子 掐脖子 qia1 bo2 zi5
to seize by the throat

卡脖子 卡脖子 qia3 bo2 zi5
to squeeze the throat; (fig.) to have in a stranglehold; critical

绕脖子 繞脖子 rao4 bo2 zi5
tricky; involved; to beat about the bush

手脖子 手脖子 shou3 bo2 zi5
wrist (dialect)

围脖 圍脖 wei2 bo2
muffler; scarf

窝脖儿 窩脖兒 wo1 bo2 er5
to suffer a snub; to meet with a rebuff