to shed; to take off; to escape; to get away from

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
白脱 白脫 bai2 tuo1
butter (loanword)

摆脱 擺脫 bai3 tuo1
to break away from; to cast off (old ideas etc); to get rid of; to break away (from); to break out (of); to free oneself from; to extricate oneself

摆脱危机 擺脫危機 bai3 tuo1 wei1 ji1
to break out of a crisis

半脱产 半脫產 ban4 tuo1 chan3
partly released from productive labor; partly released from one's regular work

表皮剥脱素 表皮剝脫素 biao3 pi2 bo1 tuo1 su4

丙酮酸脱氢酶 丙酮酸脫氫酶 bing3 tong2 suan1 tuo1 qing1 mei2
pyruvate dehydrogenase

超脱 超脫 chao1 tuo1
to stand aloof; to be detached from; to transcend worldliness; untrammeled; unconventional

趁乱逃脱 趁亂逃脫 chen4 luan4 tao2 tuo1
to run away in the confusion; to take advantage of the confusion to escape

出脱 出脫 chu1 tuo1
to manage to sell; to dispose of sth (by selling); to get property off one's hands; to find excuses (to get off a charge); to extricate sb (from trouble); to vindicate; to become prettier (of child)

发脱口齿 發脫口齒 fa1 tuo1 kou3 chi3
diction; enunciation

浑脱 渾脫 hun2 tuo1
leather float; inflatable raft

活脱 活脫 huo2 tuo1
remarkably alike

活脱脱 活脫脫 huo2 tuo1 tuo1
remarkably alike

解脱 解脫 jie3 tuo1
to untie; to free; to absolve of; to get free of; to extirpate oneself; (Buddhism) to free oneself of worldly worries

金蝉脱壳 金蟬脫殼 jin1 chan2 tuo1 qiao4
lit. the cicada sheds its carapace (idiom); fig. to vanish leaving an empty shell; a crafty escape plan

开脱 開脫 kai1 tuo1
to exculpate; to absolve; to exonerate

开脱罪责 開脫罪責 kai1 tuo1 zui4 ze2
to absolve sb from guilt; to exonerate; to exculpate

拉脱维亚 拉脫維亞 la1 tuo1 wei2 ya4

临阵脱逃 臨陣脫逃 lin2 zhen4 tuo1 tao2
see 臨陣退縮|临阵退缩

密司脱 密司脫 mi4 si1 tuo1
variant of 密斯脫|密斯脱

密斯脱 密斯脫 mi4 si1 tuo1
mister (loanword)

墨脱 墨脫 mo4 tuo1
Mêdog county, Tibetan: Me tog rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture 林芝地區|林芝地区, Tibet

墨脱县 墨脫縣 mo4 tuo1 xian4
Mêdog county, Tibetan: Me tog rdzong, in Nyingchi prefecture 林芝地區|林芝地区, Tibet

品脱 品脫 pin3 tuo1
pint (approx. 0.47 liter) (loanword)

洒脱 灑脫 sa3 tuo1
free and at ease; unaffected

松脱 鬆脫 song1 tuo1
loose; flaking

逃脱 逃脫 tao2 tuo1
to run away; to escape

通脱木 通脫木 tong1 tuo1 mu4
rice-paper plant (Tetrapanax papyriferus)

推脱 推脫 tui1 tuo1
to evade; to shirk

脱靶 脫靶 tuo1 ba3
to miss; to shoot and miss the target; off the mark

脱班 脫班 tuo1 ban1
behind schedule; late

脱北者 脫北者 tuo1 bei3 zhe3
North Korean refugee

脱不了身 脫不了身 tuo1 bu4 liao3 shen1
busy and unable to get away

脱产 脫產 tuo1 chan3
to transfer (from production to other duties); to take leave (for study or other job); to dispose of property; to transfer assets (to avoid liability)

脱肠 脫腸 tuo1 chang2
(rectal) hernia

脱出 脫出 tuo1 chu1
to break away; to extricate; to escape; to leave the confines of

脱除 脫除 tuo1 chu2
to get rid of

脱窗 脫窗 tuo1 chuang1
cross-eyed (Tw) (Minnan thuah-thang)

脱垂 脫垂 tuo1 chui2

脱单 脫單 tuo1 dan1
to find oneself a partner

脱党 脫黨 tuo1 dang3
to leave a political party; to give up party membership

脱档 脫檔 tuo1 dang4
sold out; out of stock

脱掉 脫掉 tuo1 diao4
to remove; to take off; to strip off; to discard; to shed; to come off; to fall off

脱发 脫髮 tuo1 fa4
baldness; to lose hair or feathers; to molt; depilation

脱肛 脫肛 tuo1 gang1
rectal prolapse

脱岗 脫崗 tuo1 gang3
to take time off; to take leave (e.g. for study); to skive off work

脱稿 脫稿 tuo1 gao3
to complete a draft; to put out a manuscript

脱钩 脫鉤 tuo1 gou1
to cut ties; to disconnect; out of touch

脱骨换胎 脫骨換胎 tuo1 gu3 huan4 tai1
to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist; to turn over a new leaf; fig. to change wholly

脱光 脫光 tuo1 guang1
to strip naked; to strip nude; (coll.) to find oneself a partner

脱轨 脫軌 tuo1 gui3
to leave the rails; to derail; to jump the track

脱滑 脫滑 tuo1 hua2
to shirk; to try to get off work; to slide on the job

脱换 脫換 tuo1 huan4
to molt

脱货 脫貨 tuo1 huo4
out of stock; sold out

脱机 脫機 tuo1 ji1

脱缰 脫韁 tuo1 jiang1
to throw off the reins; runaway (horse); fig. out of control

脱缰之马 脫韁之馬 tuo1 jiang1 zhi1 ma3
lit. a horse that has thrown off the reins (idiom); runaway horse; out of control

脱节 脫節 tuo1 jie2
to come apart

脱臼 脫臼 tuo1 jiu4
dislocation (of a joint)

脱咖啡因 脫咖啡因 tuo1 ka1 fei1 yin1
decaffeinated; decaf; see also 無咖啡因|无咖啡因

脱开 脫開 tuo1 kai1
to withdraw

脱壳 脫殼 tuo1 ke2
to break out of an eggshell; to molt; to remove the husk; to shell

脱空 脫空 tuo1 kong1
to fail; to come to nothing; to fall through (of plans, hopes); to lie

脱空汉 脫空漢 tuo1 kong1 han4

脱口 脫口 tuo1 kou3
to blurt out

脱口而出 脫口而出 tuo1 kou3 er2 chu1
to blurt out; to let slip (an indiscreet remark)

脱口秀 脫口秀 tuo1 kou3 xiu4
talk show (loanword)

脱裤子放屁 脫褲子放屁 tuo1 ku4 zi5 fang4 pi4
lit. to take off trousers to fart; fig. to do something absolutely unnecessary; fig. to make things too complicated

脱离 脫離 tuo1 li2
to separate oneself from; to break away from; diastasis (medicine); abscission; abjunction (botany)

脱离苦海 脫離苦海 tuo1 li2 ku3 hai3
to escape from the abyss of suffering; to shed off a wretched plight

脱离危险 脫離危險 tuo1 li2 wei1 xian3
out of danger; to avoid danger

脱粒 脫粒 tuo1 li4
to thresh

脱粒机 脫粒機 tuo1 li4 ji1
threshing machine

脱漏 脫漏 tuo1 lou4
omission; to leave out; missing

脱落 脫落 tuo1 luo4
to drop off; to come off; to lose (hair etc); to omit (a character when writing)

脱略 脫略 tuo1 lve4
unrestrained; throwing off strictures; unrespectful; indulgence

脱盲 脫盲 tuo1 mang2
to acquire literacy; to throw off blindness

脱毛 脫毛 tuo1 mao2
to lose hair or feathers; to molt; depilation; to shave

脱毛剂 脫毛劑 tuo1 mao2 ji4
depilatory medicine

脱敏 脫敏 tuo1 min3
to desensitize; to remove an allergic susceptibility

脱泥 脫泥 tuo1 ni2
to remove mud; desliming (in coal production)

脱皮 脫皮 tuo1 pi2
to molt; to peel; fig. seriously hurt

脱皮掉肉 脫皮掉肉 tuo1 pi2 diao4 rou4
lit. to shed skin, drop flesh; to work as hard as possible; to work one's butt off

脱贫 脫貧 tuo1 pin2
to lift oneself out of poverty

脱贫致富 脫貧致富 tuo1 pin2 zhi4 fu4
to rise from poverty and become prosperous (idiom); poverty alleviation

脱期 脫期 tuo1 qi1
to fail to come out on time; to miss a deadline

脱氢 脫氫 tuo1 qing1

脱氢酶 脫氫酶 tuo1 qing1 mei2
dehydrogenase (enzyme)

脱去 脫去 tuo1 qu4
to throw off

脱然 脫然 tuo1 ran2
unconcerned; without worries

脱溶 脫溶 tuo1 rong2
to precipitate (solid from a solution)

脱洒 脫灑 tuo1 sa3
elegant; free and easy

脱涩 脫澀 tuo1 se4
to remove astringent taste

脱色 脫色 tuo1 se4
to lose color; to turn pale; to bleach; to fade

脱色剂 脫色劑 tuo1 se4 ji4
bleaching agent; decolorant

脱身 脫身 tuo1 shen1
to get away; to escape (from obligations); to free oneself; to disengage

脱手 脫手 tuo1 shou3
(not of regular commerce) to sell or dispose of (goods etc); to get rid of; to unload

脱水 脫水 tuo1 shui3
to dry out; to extract water; dehydration; dehydrated; desiccation

脱水机 脫水機 tuo1 shui3 ji1
a device for extracting water (such as a centrifuge)

脱俗 脫俗 tuo1 su2
free from vulgarity; refined; outstanding

脱粟 脫粟 tuo1 su4
grain kernel (after threshing and winnowing)

脱胎 脫胎 tuo1 tai1
born; to emerge from the womb; fig. to develop out of sth else (of ideas, stories, political systems etc); fig. to shed one's body (to be reborn); bodiless (e.g. lacquerware)

脱胎成仙 脫胎成仙 tuo1 tai1 cheng2 xian1
reborn as immortal

脱胎换骨 脫胎換骨 tuo1 tai1 huan4 gu3
to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist; to turn over a new leaf; fig. to change wholly; to create from other material (story, artwork etc)

脱胎漆器 脫胎漆器 tuo1 tai1 qi1 qi4
bodiless lacquerware

脱逃 脫逃 tuo1 tao2
to run away; to escape

脱脱 脫脫 tuo1 tuo1
Toktoghan (1314-1355), Mongol politician during the Yuan dynasty, prime minister until 1345, compiled three dynastic histories of Song 宋史, Liao 遼史|辽史 and Jin 金史; also written Tuoketuo 托克托

脱误 脫誤 tuo1 wu4
omission; missing word

脱下 脫下 tuo1 xia4
to take off (clothing)

脱险 脫險 tuo1 xian3
to escape (danger); to rescue; to come out alive

脱线 脫線 tuo1 xian4
derailment; to jump the track (of train); to derail

脱销 脫銷 tuo1 xiao1
to sell out; to run out (of supplies); deficient; lack of supplies

脱孝 脫孝 tuo1 xiao4
to get through the mourning period

脱卸 脫卸 tuo1 xie4
to evade responsibility; to shirk

脱秀 脫秀 tuo1 xiu4
strip show

脱序 脫序 tuo1 xu4

脱亚入欧 脫亞入歐 tuo1 ya4 ru4 ou1
to abandon the old (Asian) ways and learn from Europe; refers to the ideas that led to the Meiji Restoration and Japan's subsequent colonization projects in Asia

脱氧 脫氧 tuo1 yang3

脱氧核苷酸 脫氧核苷酸 tuo1 yang3 he2 gan1 suan1
deoxyribonucleoside monophosphate; dNMP

脱氧核糖 脫氧核糖 tuo1 yang3 he2 tang2

脱氧核糖核酸 脫氧核糖核酸 tuo1 yang3 he2 tang2 he2 suan1

脱氧麻黄碱 脫氧麻黃鹼 tuo1 yang3 ma2 huang2 jian3

脱氧脱糖核酸 脫氧脫糖核酸 tuo1 yang3 tuo1 tang2 he2 suan1
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

脱衣服 脫衣服 tuo1 yi1 fu2

脱衣舞 脫衣舞 tuo1 yi1 wu3

脱颖而出 脫穎而出 tuo1 ying3 er2 chu1
to reveal one's talent (idiom); to rise above others; to distinguish oneself

脱羽 脫羽 tuo1 yu3
to shed feathers; to molt (of birds)

脱脂 脫脂 tuo1 zhi1
to remove fat; to skim (milk)

脱脂棉 脫脂棉 tuo1 zhi1 mian2
absorbent cotton

洗脱 洗脫 xi3 tuo1
to cleanse; to purge; to wash away

虚脱 虛脫 xu1 tuo1
to collapse (from dehydration or loss of blood); heat exhaustion

挣脱 掙脫 zheng4 tuo1
to throw off; to struggle free of; Taiwan pr.

稚气未脱 稚氣未脫 zhi4 qi4 wei4 tuo1
still possessing the innocence of childhood (idiom)