strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
不伤脾胃 不傷脾胃 bu4 shang1 pi2 wei4
lit. doesn't hurt the spleen or the stomach; fig. something that is not critical

发脾气 發脾氣 fa1 pi2 qi4
to get angry

坏脾气 壞脾氣 huai4 pi2 qi4
bad temper

闹脾气 鬧脾氣 nao4 pi2 qi5
to get angry

牛脾气 牛脾氣 niu2 pi2 qi5
bullheadedness; stubborn

脾气 脾氣 pi2 qi5
character; temperament; disposition; bad temper

脾胃 脾胃 pi2 wei4
spleen and stomach (digestive organs in TCM); preferences; one's taste (e.g. in literature)

脾虚 脾虛 pi2 xu1
depletion of the spleen (Chinese medicine)

脾脏 脾臟 pi2 zang4

沁人心脾 沁人心脾 qin4 ren2 xin1 pi2
to penetrate deeply into the heart (idiom); to gladden the heart; to refresh the mind

耍脾气 耍脾氣 shua3 pi2 qi4
to go into a huff