fishy (smell)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
荤腥 葷腥 hun1 xing1
meat and fish

臊腥 臊腥 sao1 xing1
stench; stink

偷腥 偷腥 tou1 xing1
to cheat on one's spouse; to have an affair

腥风血雨 腥風血雨 xing1 feng1 xue4 yu3
lit. foul wind and bloody rain (idiom); fig. reign of terror; carnage

血腥 血腥 xue4 xing1
reeking of blood; bloody (events)

血腥玛丽 血腥瑪麗 xue4 xing1 ma3 li4
Bloody Mary

鱼腥草 魚腥草 yu2 xing1 cao3
Houttuynia cordata