strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
肠壁 腸壁 chang2 bi4
wall of intestine; lining of gut

肠病毒 腸病毒 chang2 bing4 du2

肠道 腸道 chang2 dao4
intestines; gut

肠毒素 腸毒素 chang2 du2 su4

肠粉 腸粉 chang2 fen3
rice noodle roll, a roll made from sheets of rice flour dough, steamed and stuffed with meat, vegetables etc

肠管 腸管 chang2 guan3
intestine; gut

肠蠕动 腸蠕動 chang2 ru2 dong4
peristalsis (wave movement of gut wall)

肠套叠 腸套疊 chang2 tao4 die2
intussusception (medicine)

肠胃 腸胃 chang2 wei4
stomach and intestine; digestive system

肠胃道 腸胃道 chang2 wei4 dao4
digestive tract

肠胃炎 腸胃炎 chang2 wei4 yan2

肠炎 腸炎 chang2 yan2

肠衣 腸衣 chang2 yi1
sausage casing

肠易激综合征 腸易激綜合徵 chang2 yi4 ji1 zong1 he2 zheng1
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

肠支 腸支 chang2 zhi1

肠仔 腸仔 chang2 zi3

肠子 腸子 chang2 zi5

愁肠 愁腸 chou2 chang2
anxiety; worries

愁肠百结 愁腸百結 chou2 chang2 bai3 jie2
hundred knots of worry in one's intestines (idiom); weighed down with anxiety

大肠 大腸 da4 chang2
the large intestine

大肠杆菌 大腸桿菌 da4 chang2 gan3 jun1
Escherichia coli (E. coli)

荡气回肠 蕩氣回腸 dang4 qi4 hui2 chang2
heart-rending (drama, music, poem etc); deeply moving

断肠 斷腸 duan4 chang2
heartbroken; to break one's heart

肥肠 肥腸 fei2 chang2
pig-gut (large intestine used as foodstuff)

腓肠肌 腓腸肌 fei2 chang2 ji1
calf muscle; gastrocnemius muscle

肝肠寸断 肝腸寸斷 gan1 chang2 cun4 duan4
lit. liver and guts cut to pieces (idiom); broken hearted; all cut up

肛门直肠 肛門直腸 gang1 men2 zhi2 chang2
rectum (anatomy)

灌肠 灌腸 guan4 chang2
enema; to give an enema

灌肠 灌腸 guan4 chang5
sausage with a starchy filling

横结肠 橫結腸 heng2 jie2 chang2
transverse colon (anatomy); second section of large intestine

红肠 紅腸 hong2 chang2

互诉衷肠 互訴衷腸 hu1 su4 zhong1 chang2
to confide in each other (idiom)

花花肠子 花花腸子 hua1 hua1 chang2 zi5
(slang) a cunning plot

坏肠子 壞腸子 huai4 chang2 zi5
evil person

回肠 回腸 hui2 chang2
ileum (segment of small intestine between the jejunum 空腸|空肠 and appendix 盲腸|盲肠)

回肠荡气 回腸盪氣 hui2 chang2 dang4 qi4
soul-stirring (of drama, poem or artwork); heart-rending; deeply moving

火腿肠 火腿腸 huo3 tui3 chang2
ham sausage

饥肠辘辘 飢腸轆轆 ji1 chang2 lu4 lu4
stomach rumbling with hunger

急性肠炎 急性腸炎 ji2 xing4 chang2 yan2
acute enteritis

降结肠 降結腸 jiang4 jie2 chang2
descending colon (anatomy); third section of large intestine

结肠 結腸 jie2 chang2
colon (large intestine)

结肠镜检查 結腸鏡檢查 jie2 chang2 jing4 jian3 cha2

结肠炎 結腸炎 jie2 chang2 yan2
colitis (medicine)

烤胡椒香肠 烤胡椒香腸 kao3 hu2 jiao1 xiang1 chang2
roast pepper sausage; pepperoni

空肠 空腸 kong1 chang2
jejunum (empty gut, middle segment of small intestine between duodenum 十二指腸|十二指肠 and ileum 回腸|回肠)

腊肠 臘腸 la4 chang2

盲肠 盲腸 mang2 chang2
appendix (anatomy); cecum

盲肠炎 盲腸炎 mang2 chang2 yan2

葡萄球菌肠毒素 葡萄球菌腸毒素 pu2 tao2 qiu2 jun1 chang2 du2 su4
staphylococcal enterotoxin

牵肠挂肚 牽腸掛肚 qian1 chang2 gua4 du4
deeply worried (idiom); to feel anxious

牵心挂肠 牽心掛腸 qian1 xin1 gua4 chang2
to worry deeply about sth; extremely concerned

腔肠动物 腔腸動物 qiang1 chang2 dong4 wu4
Coelenterata (such as jellyfish)

倾吐衷肠 傾吐衷腸 qing1 tu3 zhong1 chang2
to pour out (emotions); to pour one's heart out; to say everything that is on one's mind

热肠 熱腸 re4 chang2
warmhearted; enthusiastic

热心肠 熱心腸 re4 xin1 chang2
warmhearted; willing to help others

柔肠寸断 柔腸寸斷 rou2 chang2 cun4 duan4
lit. to feel as if one's intestines have been cut short; broken-hearted (idiom)

润肠 潤腸 run4 chang2
to ease constipation (TCM)

润肠通便 潤腸通便 run4 chang2 tong1 bian4
to cure constipation with laxatives

升结肠 升結腸 sheng1 jie2 chang2
ascending colon (anatomy); first section of large intestine

十二指肠 十二指腸 shi2 er4 zhi3 chang2

鼠肚鸡肠 鼠肚雞腸 shu3 du4 ji1 chang2

搜肠刮肚 搜腸刮肚 sou1 chang2 gua1 du4
to search one's guts and belly (idiom); to racks one's brains for a solution

搜索枯肠 搜索枯腸 sou1 suo3 ku1 chang2
to rack one's brains (for apt wording etc) (idiom)

铁石心肠 鐵石心腸 tie3 shi2 xin1 chang2
to have a heart of stone; hard-hearted; unfeeling

脱肠 脫腸 tuo1 chang2
(rectal) hernia

香肠 香腸 xiang1 chang2

小肠 小腸 xiao3 chang2
small intestine

小肚鸡肠 小肚雞腸 xiao3 du4 ji1 chang2
lit. small belly, chicken's gut (idiom); narrow-minded; petty

心肠 心腸 xin1 chang2
heart; intention; one's inclination; state of mind; to have the heart for sth; mood

血肠 血腸 xue4 chang2
blood sausage; blutwurst; black pudding

眼穿肠断 眼穿腸斷 yan3 chuan1 chang2 duan4
waiting anxiously (idiom)

羊肠小道 羊腸小道 yang2 chang2 xiao3 dao4
road as twisty as sheep's intestine (idiom); narrow and winding road; fig. complicated and tricky job

羊肠小径 羊腸小徑 yang2 chang2 xiao3 jing4
winding road (twisting and turning like a sheep's intestine)

乙状结肠 乙狀結腸 yi3 zhuang4 jie2 chang2
sigmoid colon (anatomy); bent colon, linking the descending colon to the rectum

直肠 直腸 zhi2 chang2
rectum (anatomy)

直肠镜 直腸鏡 zhi2 chang2 jing4
proctoscope (medicine)

直肠直肚 直腸直肚 zhi2 chang2 zhi2 du4
frank and outspoken (idiom)