ointment; paste

to moisten; to grease; to apply (cream, ointment); to dip a brush in ink

strokes 14
strokes after radical 10
熬膏 熬膏 ao2 gao1
to simmer to a paste

病入膏肓 病入膏肓 bing4 ru4 gao1 huang1
lit. the disease has attacked the vitals (idiom); fig. beyond cure; the situation is hopeless

唇膏 唇膏 chun2 gao1

煅石膏 煅石膏 duan4 shi2 gao1
plaster of Paris; calcined gypsum

鹅膏蕈 鵝膏蕈 e2 gao1 xun4
Amanita (genus of deadly mushrooms)

鹅膏蕈素 鵝膏蕈素 e2 gao1 xun4 su4

恩膏 恩膏 en1 gao1
rich favor

焚膏继晷 焚膏繼晷 fen2 gao1 ji4 gui3
to burn the midnight oil (idiom); to work continuously night and day

膏方 膏方 gao1 fang1
medicinal concoction in paste form (TCM)

膏膏 膏膏 gao1 gao1
to anoint

膏血 膏血 gao1 xue4
lit. fat and blood; fruit of one's hard labor; flesh and blood

膏药 膏藥 gao1 yao5
herbal plaster applied to a wound

膏药旗 膏藥旗 gao1 yao5 qi2
Japanese flag (derog.)

膏立 膏立 gao4 li4
to annoint

狗皮膏药 狗皮膏藥 gou3 pi2 gao1 yao5
dogskin plaster, used in TCM for treating contusions, rheumatism etc; quack medicine; sham goods

龟苓膏 龜苓膏 gui1 ling2 gao1
turtle jelly, medicine made with powdered turtle shell and herbs; a similar product made without turtle shell and consumed as a dessert

挤牙膏 擠牙膏 ji3 ya2 gao1
lit. to squeeze out toothpaste; fig. to extract a confession under pressure

睫毛膏 睫毛膏 jie2 mao2 gao1

民脂民膏 民脂民膏 min2 zhi1 min2 gao1
lit. the fat and wealth of the people (idiom); the nation's hard-won wealth (esp. as an object of unscrupulous exploitation); the people's blood, sweat and tears

磨砂膏 磨砂膏 mo2 sha1 gao1
facial scrub

枇杷膏 枇杷膏 pi2 pa2 gao1
Pei Pa Koa, proprietary cough syrup made with traditional Chinese herbs

泉石膏肓 泉石膏肓 quan2 shi2 gao1 huang1
lit. mountain springs and rocks in one's heart (idiom); a deep love of mountain scenery

软膏 軟膏 ruan3 gao1
ointment; paste

润唇膏 潤唇膏 run4 chun2 gao1
chapstick; lip balm

润肤膏 潤膚膏 run4 fu1 gao1
moisturizing cream

生石膏 生石膏 sheng1 shi2 gao1
gypsum CaSO4·2(H2O); plaster

石膏 石膏 shi2 gao1
gypsum CaSO4·2(H2O); plaster; plaster cast (for a broken bone)

石膏绷带 石膏繃帶 shi2 gao1 beng1 dai4
plaster cast

石膏墙板 石膏牆板 shi2 gao1 qiang2 ban3
drywall; gypsum wallboard; plasterboard

熟石膏 熟石膏 shu2 shi2 gao1
plaster of Paris; calcined gypsum

剃须膏 剃鬚膏 ti4 xu1 gao1
shaving cream

橡皮膏 橡皮膏 xiang4 pi2 gao1
sticking plaster; adhesive bandage

雪花膏 雪花膏 xue3 hua1 gao1
vanishing cream; cold cream (makeup)

牙膏 牙膏 ya2 gao1

药膏 藥膏 yao4 gao1

硬石膏 硬石膏 ying4 shi2 gao1
anhydrite CaSO4

油膏 油膏 you2 gao1

遮瑕膏 遮瑕膏 zhe1 xia2 gao1
concealer (cosmetics)

脂膏 脂膏 zhi1 gao1
fat; grease; riches; fortune; fruits of one's labor