fat of a stock animal

variant of 膘

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
膘肥 膘肥 biao1 fei2
(of a stock animal) well-fed; fat

膘肥体壮 膘肥體壯 biao1 fei2 ti3 zhuang4
(of a livestock animal) plump and strong; well-fed

催膘 催膘 cui1 biao1
to feed livestock with highly nutritional food in order to fatten them up in a short time

掉膘 掉膘 diao4 biao1
to lose weight (of cattle)

蹲膘 蹲膘 dun1 biao1
to fatten cattle in a shed; to become fat

上膘 上膘 shang4 biao1
(of livestock) to fatten up; to put on weight