greasy; soft; unctuous; intimate; tired of

strokes 16
strokes after radical 12
肥腻 肥膩 fei2 ni4
(of foods) fatty; greasy

滑腻 滑膩 hua2 ni4
(of skin) satiny

猫腻 貓膩 mao1 ni4
(coll.) something fishy; shenanigans

腻烦 膩煩 ni4 fan2
bored; to be fed up with; sick and tired of sth

腻人 膩人 ni4 ren2
greasy; boring

腻歪 膩歪 ni4 wai5
see 膩味|腻味

腻味 膩味 ni4 wei5
tired of sth; fed up with

腻友 膩友 ni4 you3
intimate friend

腻子 膩子 ni4 zi5
putty (same as 泥子); frequent caller; hanger-on

黏腻 黏膩 nian2 ni4
sticky; clammy; (fig.) clingy; emotionally dependent

甜得发腻 甜得發膩 tian2 de5 fa1 ni4
lovey-dovey; cloying; sugary

甜腻 甜膩 tian2 ni4
sweet and unctuous; (fig.) overly sentimental

听腻了 聽膩了 ting1 ni4 le5
fed up of hearing

细腻 細膩 xi4 ni4
exquisite; meticulous

厌腻 厭膩 yan4 ni4
to detest; to abhor

油腻 油膩 you2 ni4
grease; greasy food; oily; rich (of food); fatty; greasy and dirty; a slippery character