strokes 17
strokes after radical 13
膀臂 膀臂 bang3 bi4
upper arm; arm; reliable helper; right-hand man

臂膀 臂膀 bi4 bang3

臂纱 臂紗 bi4 sha1

臂弯 臂彎 bi4 wan1
crook of the arm

臂章 臂章 bi4 zhang1
armband; armlet; shoulder emblem

长臂猿 長臂猿 chang2 bi4 yuan2
gibbon; Hylobatidae (gibbon and lesser ape family)

唱臂 唱臂 chang4 bi4
tone-arm (tracking arm of gramophone)

胳臂 胳臂 ge1 bei5
arm; also pr.

胳臂箍儿 胳臂箍兒 ge1 bei5 gu1 er5

胳臂肘儿 胳臂肘兒 ge1 bei5 zhou3 er5

黑冠长臂猿 黑冠長臂猿 hei1 guan1 chang2 bi4 yuan2
black crested gibbon (Nomascus nasutus)

红臂章 紅臂章 hong2 bi4 zhang1
(southern dialects) red armband

交臂 交臂 jiao1 bi4
linking arms; arm in arm; very close

交臂失之 交臂失之 jiao1 bi4 shi1 zhi1
to miss sb by a narrow chance; to miss an opportunity

力臂 力臂 li4 bi4
lever arm (i.e. perpendicular distance from the fulcrum to the line of force)

猎户臂 獵戶臂 lie4 hu4 bi4
Orion spiral arm or local spur of our galaxy (containing our solar system)

捋臂揎拳 捋臂揎拳 luo1 bi4 xuan1 quan2
lit. to push up one's sleeves and bare one's fists; to be eager to get started

前臂 前臂 qian2 bi4

攘臂 攘臂 rang3 bi4
to bare one's arms (in agitation)

人马臂 人馬臂 ren2 ma3 bi4
Sagittarius spiral arm (of our galaxy)

如臂使指 如臂使指 ru2 bi4 shi3 zhi3
as the arm moves the finger (idiom); freely and effortlessly; to have perfect command of

三头六臂 三頭六臂 san1 tou2 liu4 bi4
lit. to have three heads and six arms (idiom); fig. to possess remarkable abilities; a being of formidable powers

失之交臂 失之交臂 shi1 zhi1 jiao1 bi4
to miss narrowly; to let a great opportunity slip

手臂 手臂 shou3 bi4
arm; helper

双臂 雙臂 shuang1 bi4
arms; both arms; two arms

螳臂当车 螳臂當車 tang2 bi4 dang1 che1
a mantis trying to stop a chariot (idiom); to overrate oneself and attempt sth impossible; also written 螳臂擋車|螳臂挡车

悬臂 懸臂 xuan2 bi4

旋臂 旋臂 xuan2 bi4
spiral arm

一臂之力 一臂之力 yi1 bi4 zhi1 li4
(lend) a helping hand

英仙臂 英仙臂 ying1 xian1 bi4
Perseus spiral arm (of our galaxy)

猿臂 猿臂 yuan2 bi4
arms like those of an ape — muscular, or long and dexterous

振臂一呼 振臂一呼 zhen4 bi4 yi1 hu1
to issue a call for action; to raise one's hand and issue a rousing call (idiom)

重臂 重臂 zhong4 bi4
actuator (arm of a lever); lever; actuating arm

转矩臂 轉矩臂 zhuan4 ju3 bi4
torque arm