surname Chen

state official or subject in dynastic China; I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign); Kangxi radical 131

strokes 6
strokes after radical 0
柄臣 柄臣 bing3 chen2
powerful official; big shot

财务大臣 財務大臣 cai2 wu4 da4 chen2
finance minister

财政大臣 財政大臣 cai2 zheng4 da4 chen2
finance minister; UK chancellor of exchequer

朝臣 朝臣 chao2 chen2
court councilor

车臣 車臣 che1 chen2
Chechnya, a Russian region in the Caucasus; Chechen

臣服 臣服 chen2 fu2
to acknowledge allegiance to (some regime); to serve

臣僚 臣僚 chen2 liao2
court official (in former times)

臣虏 臣虜 chen2 lu3

臣民 臣民 chen2 min2
subject (of a kingdom, ruler etc)

臣仆 臣僕 chen2 pu2

臣妾 臣妾 chen2 qie4
(literary) I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female); (archaic) male and female slaves; subjects (of a ruler)

臣属 臣屬 chen2 shu3
official in feudal court; subject

臣下 臣下 chen2 xia4
official in feudal court; subject

臣一主二 臣一主二 chen2 yi1 zhu3 er4
One has the right to choose the ruler one serves. (ancient proverb)

臣子 臣子 chen2 zi3
official in feudal court; subject

宠臣 寵臣 chong3 chen2
favored minister

船政大臣 船政大臣 chuan2 zheng4 da4 chen2
Minister of Navy during Qing times

大臣 大臣 da4 chen2
chancellor (of a monarchy); cabinet minister

贰臣 貳臣 er4 chen2
turncoat official

防卫大臣 防衛大臣 fang2 wei4 da4 chen2
minister of defense (esp. in Japan)

丰臣秀吉 豐臣秀吉 feng1 chen2 xiu4 ji2
TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi (1536-1598), Japanese warlord, undisputed ruler of Japan 1590-1598

俯首称臣 俯首稱臣 fu3 shou3 cheng1 chen2
to bow before (idiom); to capitulate

功臣 功臣 gong1 chen2
minister who has given outstanding service

骨鲠之臣 骨鯁之臣 gu3 geng3 zhi1 chen2
lit. fish bone of a minister (idiom); fig. person one can rely on for candid criticism

家臣 家臣 jia1 chen2
counselor of king or feudal warlord; henchman

奸臣 奸臣 jian1 chen2
a treacherous court official; a minister who conspires against the state

近臣 近臣 jin4 chen2
member of a monarch's inner ministerial circle (old)

君臣 君臣 jun1 chen2
a ruler and his ministers (old)

开国功臣 開國功臣 kai1 guo2 gong1 chen2
outstanding founding minister (title given to reward loyal general or vassal of new dynasty or state)

李舜臣 李舜臣 li3 shun4 chen2
Yi Sunshin (1545-1598), Korean admiral and folk hero, famous for sea victories over the Japanese invaders

乱臣贼子 亂臣賊子 luan4 chen2 zei2 zi3
rebels and traitors (idiom); general term for scoundrel

名臣 名臣 ming2 chen2
important official or statesman (in feudal China)

谋臣 謀臣 mou2 chen2
imperial strategic adviser; expert on strategy

谋臣猛将 謀臣猛將 mou2 chen2 meng3 jiang4
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)

谋臣如雨 謀臣如雨 mou2 chen2 ru2 yu3
strategic experts as thick as rain (idiom); no shortage of advisers on strategy

谋臣武将 謀臣武將 mou2 chen2 wu3 jiang4
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)

内臣 內臣 nei4 chen2

内阁总理大臣 內閣總理大臣 nei4 ge2 zong3 li3 da4 chen2
formal title of the Japanese prime minister

逆臣 逆臣 ni4 chen2
rebellious minister

弄臣 弄臣 nong4 chen2
emperor's favorite courtier

人臣 人臣 ren2 chen2
an official (in former times)

史臣 史臣 shi3 chen2
official in charge of public records

外交大臣 外交大臣 wai4 jiao1 da4 chen2
Foreign Secretary; (UK) Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

微臣 微臣 wei1 chen2
this small official; humble servant

位极人臣 位極人臣 wei4 ji2 ren2 chen2
to have reached the highest official positions

文臣 文臣 wen2 chen2
civilian court official (in former times)

吴任臣 吳任臣 wu2 ren4 chen2
Wu Renchen (1628-1689), Qing dynasty polymath and historian, author of History of Ten States of South China 十國春秋|十国春秋

掌玺大臣 掌璽大臣 zhang3 xi3 da4 chen2
chancellor (rank in various European states); grand chancellor

争臣 爭臣 zheng1 chen2
minister not afraid to give forthright criticism

诤臣 諍臣 zheng4 chen2
official who dares speak frankly before the emperor

忠臣 忠臣 zhong1 chen2
faithful official

重臣 重臣 zhong4 chen2
important minister; major figure in government