fine; delicate

to send; to devote; to deliver; to cause; to convey

strokes 10
strokes after radical 3
标致 標致 biao1 zhi4

标致 標致 biao1 zhi5
beautiful (of woman); pretty

别致 別緻 bie2 zhi4
unusual; unique

别致 別致 bie2 zhi4
variant of 別緻|别致

步调一致 步調一致 bu4 diao4 yi1 zhi4
to be united in action

不一致字 不一致字 bu4 yi1 zhi4 zi4
inconsistent phonogram(s)

不致 不致 bu4 zhi4
not in such a way as to; not likely to

此致 此致 ci3 zhi4
(used at the end of a letter to introduce a polite salutation)

此致敬礼 此致敬禮 ci3 zhi4 jing4 li3
respectfully yours (at the end of a letter)

错落有致 錯落有致 cuo4 luo4 you3 zhi4
in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect

大致 大致 da4 zhi4
more or less; roughly; approximately

导致 導致 dao3 zhi4
to lead to; to create; to cause; to bring about

导致死亡 導致死亡 dao3 zhi4 si3 wang2
to lead to death; to result in death

发财致富 發財致富 fa1 cai2 zhi4 fu4
to become rich; enrichment

非致命 非致命 fei1 zhi4 ming4
not fatal; not life-threatening (medical condition)

风致 風致 feng1 zhi4
natural charm; grace

高致病性 高致病性 gao1 zhi4 bing4 xing4
highly pathenogenic

格物致知 格物致知 ge2 wu4 zhi4 zhi1
to study the underlying principle to acquire knowledge (idiom); pursuing knowledge to the end

格致 格緻 ge2 zhi4
to study the underlying principle to acquire knowledge; abbr. for 格物致知; word for Western natural sciences during late Qing

过失致死罪 過失致死罪 guo4 shi1 zhi4 si3 zui4
(law) negligent homicide

毫无二致 毫無二致 hao2 wu2 er4 zhi4
there cannot be another one like it

和气致祥 和氣緻祥 he2 qi4 zhi4 xiang2
(idiom) amiability leads to harmony

极致 極致 ji2 zhi4
peak; pinnacle; ultimate

坚致 堅緻 jian1 zhi4
robust and fine textured

尽致 盡致 jin4 zhi4
in the finest detail

精致 精緻 jing1 zhi4
delicate; fine; exquisite; refined

景致 景致 jing3 zhi4
view; scenery; scene

丽致 麗緻 li4 zhi4
Ritz (hotel chain)

淋漓尽致 淋漓盡致 lin2 li2 jin4 zhi4
lit. extreme saturation (idiom); fig. vividly and thoroughly; in great detail; without restraint; (of a performance) brilliant

罗致 羅緻 luo2 zhi4
to employ; to recruit (talented personnel); to gather together (a team)

马致远 馬致遠 ma3 zhi4 yuan3
Ma Zhiyuan (c. 1250-1321), Yuan dynasty dramatist in the 雜劇|杂剧 tradition of musical comedy, one of the Four Great Yuan Dramatists 元曲四大家

满场一致 滿場一致 man3 chang3 yi1 zhi4

密致 密緻 mi4 zhi4
dense; close spaced

宁静致远 寧靜致遠 ning2 jing4 zhi4 yuan3
tranquility yields transcendence (idiom); quiet life of profound study; cf Still waters run deep.

勤劳致富 勤勞致富 qin2 lao2 zhi4 fu4
to become rich by one's own efforts; self-made

取得一致 取得一致 qu3 de2 yi1 zhi4
to reach a consensus

全场一致 全場一致 quan2 chang3 yi1 zhi4

伤心致死 傷心致死 shang1 xin1 zhi4 si3
to grieve to death; to die of a broken-heart

殊致 殊致 shu1 zhi4
different; unusual scene

所致 所致 suo3 zhi4
to be caused by

推陈致新 推陳致新 tui1 chen2 zhi4 xin1
see 推陳出新|推陈出新

脱贫致富 脫貧致富 tuo1 pin2 zhi4 fu4
to rise from poverty and become prosperous (idiom); poverty alleviation

细致 細緻 xi4 zhi4
delicate; fine; careful; meticulous; painstaking

兴致 興致 xing4 zhi4
mood; spirits; interest

兴致勃勃 興致勃勃 xing4 zhi4 bo2 bo2
to become exhilarated (idiom); in high spirits; full of zest

学以致用 學以致用 xue2 yi3 zhi4 yong4
to study sth to apply it; study for practical applications

雅人深致 雅人深緻 ya3 ren2 shen1 zhi4
refined pleasure of poetic minds

雅致 雅致 ya3 zhi4
elegant; refined; in good taste

言行一致 言行一致 yan2 xing2 yi1 zhi4
word and actions coincide (idiom); to live up to one's word; to match words with deeds; Practice what you preach.

杨致远 楊致遠 yang2 zhi4 yuan3
Jerry Yang (1968-), Taiwan-US millionaire and creator of Yahoo

一致 一致 yi1 zhi4
unanimous; identical (views or opinions)

一致性 一致性 yi1 zhi4 xing4

一致性效应 一致性效應 yi1 zhi4 xing4 xiao4 ying4
consistency effect

一致资源定址器 一致資源定址器 yi1 zhi4 zi1 yuan2 ding4 zhi3 qi4
uniform resource locator (URL), i.e. web address

一致字 一致字 yi1 zhi4 zi4
consistent phonogram(s)

以致 以致 yi3 zhi4
to such an extent as to; down to; up to

以致于 以致於 yi3 zhi4 yu2
so that; to the point that

逸致 逸緻 yi4 zhi4
carefree; in the mood for enjoyment

韵致 韻緻 yun4 zhi4
grace; natural charm

韵致 韻致 yun4 zhi4
grace; natural charm

招致 招致 zhao1 zhi4
to recruit (followers); to scout for (talent etc); to incur; to lead to

致哀 致哀 zhi4 ai1
to express grief; to mourn

致癌 致癌 zhi4 ai2
carcinogenic; to cause cancer

致癌物 致癌物 zhi4 ai2 wu4

致癌物质 致癌物質 zhi4 ai2 wu4 zhi4
carcinogen; cancer causing substance

致病 致病 zhi4 bing4
pathogenic; to cause disease

致病菌 致病菌 zhi4 bing4 jun1
pathogenic bacteria

致残 致殘 zhi4 can2
to be crippled (in an accident etc)

致词 致詞 zhi4 ci2
to make a speech; to make some remarks

致辞 致辭 zhi4 ci2
to express in words or writing; to make a speech (esp. short introduction, vote of thanks, afterword, funeral homily etc); to address (an audience); same as 致詞|致词

致电 致電 zhi4 dian4
to phone; to telegram

致富 致富 zhi4 fu4
to become rich

致函 致函 zhi4 han2
to send a letter

致贺 致賀 zhi4 he4
to congratulate

致幻剂 致幻劑 zhi4 huan4 ji4

致畸 緻畸 zhi4 ji1
producing abnormality; leading to genetic malformation; teratogenic

致敬 致敬 zhi4 jing4
to greet; to pay respects to

致冷剂 致冷劑 zhi4 leng3 ji4

致力 致力 zhi4 li4
to work for; to devote one's efforts to

致密 緻密 zhi4 mi4
fine; dense; compact

致命 致命 zhi4 ming4
fatal; mortal; deadly; to sacrifice one's life

致命伤 致命傷 zhi4 ming4 shang1
mortal wound; (fig.) fatal weakness; Achilles' heel

致歉 致歉 zhi4 qian4
to apologize; to express regret

致使 致使 zhi4 shi3
to cause; to result in

致仕 致仕 zhi4 shi4
to retire from a government post (old)

致死 致死 zhi4 si3

致死剂量 致死劑量 zhi4 si3 ji4 liang4
lethal dose

致死性 致死性 zhi4 si3 xing4
deadly; terminal

致死性毒剂 致死性毒劑 zhi4 si3 xing4 du2 ji4
lethal agent

致谢 致謝 zhi4 xie4
expression of gratitude; to give thanks; a thank-you note; acknowledgement

致以 致以 zhi4 yi3
to express; to present; to extend; to tender (greetings, thanks etc)

致意 致意 zhi4 yi4
to send one's greetings; to send best regards; to devote attention to

中国致公党 中國致公黨 zhong1 guo2 zhi4 gong1 dang3
China Party for Public Interest

专心致志 專心致志 zhuan1 xin1 zhi4 zhi4
with single-hearted devotion (idiom)

做张做致 做張做致 zuo4 zhang1 zuo4 zhi4
see 做張做智|做张做智