to arrive; to reach (esp. perfection); utmost; (used in commercials)

strokes 16
strokes after radical 10
并臻 並臻 bing4 zhen1
to arrive simultaneously

饥馑荐臻 饑饉薦臻 ji1 jin3 jian4 zhen1
famine repeats unceasingly (idiom, from Book of Songs)

日臻 日臻 ri4 zhen1
to reach day after day for

臻于完善 臻於完善 zhen1 yu2 wan2 shan4
to attain perfection (idiom)

臻于郅治 臻於郅治 zhen1 yu2 zhi4 zhi4
to attain a state of perfect governance (idiom)

臻至 臻至 zhen1 zhi4
excellent; top