to lick; to lap (up)

strokes 10
strokes after radical 4
老牛舐犊 老牛舐犢 lao3 niu2 shi4 du2
lit. an old ox licking its calf (idiom); fig. (of parents) to dote on one's children

溜舐 溜舐 liu1 shi4
to flatter obsequiously; toady

舐犊情深 舐犢情深 shi4 du2 qing2 shen1
lit. the cow licking its calf fondly (idiom); fig. to show deep affection towards one's children

舐犊之爱 舐犢之愛 shi4 du2 zhi1 ai4
the love of a cow licking her calf (idiom); parental love