cabin; the hold of a ship or airplane

strokes 16
strokes after radical 10
爆舱 爆艙 bao4 cang1
overbooked (plane, ship)

舱房 艙房 cang1 fang2
cabin (of an airplane or ship)

舱外活动 艙外活動 cang1 wai4 huo2 dong4
extravehicular activity (outside space vehicle); EVA

舱位 艙位 cang1 wei4
shipping space; cabin berth; cabin seat

船舱 船艙 chuan2 cang1
hold of ship

定舱 定艙 ding4 cang1
(of freight or cargo) to book

二等舱 二等艙 er4 deng3 cang1
second class cabin

房舱 房艙 fang2 cang1
(ship's) cabin

飞机舱门 飛機艙門 fei1 ji1 cang1 men2
airplane cabin door

公务舱 公務艙 gong1 wu4 cang1
business class (airplane travel)

官舱 官艙 guan1 cang1
second class cabin (on ship)

轨道舱 軌道艙 gui3 dao4 cang1
orbital module; orbital cabin

货舱 貨艙 huo4 cang1
cargo hold; cargo bay (of a plane)

机舱 機艙 ji1 cang1
cabin of a plane

驾驶舱 駕駛艙 jia4 shi3 cang1
cockpit; control cabin

经济舱 經濟艙 jing1 ji4 cang1
economy class

客舱 客艙 ke4 cang1
passenger cabin

密闭舱 密閉艙 mi4 bi4 cang1
sealed cabin

密闭货舱 密閉貨艙 mi4 bi4 huo4 cang1
sealed cabin

密封舱 密封艙 mi4 feng1 cang1
sealed compartment

前舱 前艙 qian2 cang1
fore hold (on ship); bow cabin

燃油舱 燃油艙 ran2 you2 cang1
oil tank (of ship)

太空舱 太空艙 tai4 kong1 cang1
space capsule; ejection capsule (cabin)

弹射座舱 彈射座艙 tan2 she4 zuo4 cang1
ejection capsule (cabin)

统舱 統艙 tong3 cang1
common passenger accommodation in the hold of a ship; steerage

头等舱 頭等艙 tou2 deng3 cang1
1st class cabin

推进舱 推進艙 tui1 jin4 cang1
propulsion module; service module (astronautics)

卧舱 臥艙 wo4 cang1
sleeping cabin on a boat or train

鱼舱 魚艙 yu2 cang1
the fish hold (of a fishing vessel)

座舱 座艙 zuo4 cang1
cockpit; cabin