see 芍陂

Chinese peony; Paeonia albiflora or lactiflora

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
白芍 白芍 bai2 shao2
root of herbaceous peony (Paeonia lactiflora), used in TCM

采兰赠芍 採蘭贈芍 cai3 lan2 zeng4 shao2
lit. pick orchids and present peonies (idiom); fig. presents between lovers

芍陂 芍陂 que4 pi2
Quepi lake (irrigation project in Han to Tang times on Huai river 淮河 in modern Anhui)

芍药 芍藥 shao2 yao4
Chinese peony (Paeonia lactiflora); common herbaceous peony; peony used in TCM

赠芍 贈芍 zeng4 shao2
to give peonies; fig. exchange of gifts between lovers