overgrown with weeds

strokes 7
strokes after radical 4
繁芜 繁蕪 fan2 wu2
wordy; verbose; flourishing and thriving

蘅芜 蘅蕪 heng2 wu2
Asarum blumei (ginger plant)

荒芜 荒蕪 huang1 wu2
left to return to unchecked growth; overgrown; grown wild

莱芜 萊蕪 lai2 wu2
Laiwu prefecture level city in Shandong

莱芜 萊蕪 lai2 wu2
field with dense growth of wild weeds

莱芜市 萊蕪市 lai2 wu2 shi4
Laiwu prefecture level city in Shandong

蘼芜 蘼蕪 mi2 wu2
Gracilaria confervoides (a fragrant herb)

平芜 平蕪 ping2 wu2
open grassland

去芜存菁 去蕪存菁 qu4 wu2 cun2 jing1
lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers; to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)

芜鄙 蕪鄙 wu2 bi3
muddled and limited (of writing)

芜驳 蕪駁 wu2 bo2
disorderly; mixed-up; confused

芜词 蕪詞 wu2 ci2
superfluous words

芜繁 蕪繁 wu2 fan2

芜湖 蕪湖 wu2 hu2
Wuhu prefecture level city in Anhui

芜湖市 蕪湖市 wu2 hu2 shi4
Wuhu prefecture level city in Anhui

芜湖县 蕪湖縣 wu2 hu2 xian4
Wuhu county in Wuhu 蕪湖|芜湖, Anhui

芜秽 蕪穢 wu2 hui4
to be overgrown with weeds

芜菁 蕪菁 wu2 jing1

芜菁甘蓝 蕪菁甘藍 wu2 jing1 gan1 lan2
rutabaga (vegetable)

芜累 蕪累 wu2 lei3
mixed-up and superfluous

芜俚 蕪俚 wu2 li3
coarse and vulgar

芜劣 蕪劣 wu2 lie4
muddled and inferior (of writing)

芜杂 蕪雜 wu2 za2
miscellaneous; mixed and disorderly (of writing); disordered and confusing; mixed-up and illogical

榛芜 榛蕪 zhen1 wu2
wilderness; bushy and weedy; humble; inferior