stubble land after crop has been taken; a second crop obtained by rotation of land; an opportunity

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
茬地 茬地 cha2 di4
stubble land after crop has been taken

茬口 茬口 cha2 kou3
harvested land left for rotation; an opportunity

茬子 茬子 cha2 zi5

搭茬 搭茬 da1 cha2
to respond

搭茬儿 搭茬兒 da1 cha2 er5
erhua variant of 搭茬

倒茬 倒茬 dao3 cha2
rotation of crops

对茬儿 對茬兒 dui4 cha2 er5
to agree with; of the same opinion; to coincide

二茬罪 二茬罪 er4 cha2 zui4
to suffer second persecution

根茬 根茬 gen1 cha2

胡茬 鬍茬 hu2 cha2
beard stubble

话茬 話茬 hua4 cha2
tone of voice; topic; subject under discussion

话茬儿 話茬兒 hua4 cha2 er5
erhua variant of 話茬|话茬

换茬 換茬 huan4 cha2
rotation of crops

活茬 活茬 huo2 cha2
farm work

灭茬 滅茬 mie4 cha2
to clear stubble from fields (agriculture)

找茬 找茬 zhao3 cha2
to pick fault with; to spot the differences; to nitpick; to pick a quarrel; to find complaint with