variant of 草

grass; straw; manuscript; draft (of a document); careless; rough

variant of 肏

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
矮脚白花蛇利草 矮腳白花蛇利草 ai3 jiao3 bai2 hua1 she2 li4 cao3
see 白花蛇舌草

艾草 艾草 ai4 cao3
Asian mugwort or wormwood (genus Artemesia)

巴里坤草原 巴里坤草原 ba1 li3 kun1 cao3 yuan2
Barkol grasslands near Hami in Xinjiang

巴音布克草原 巴音布克草原 ba1 yin1 bu4 ke4 cao3 yuan2
Bayanbulak grasslands in Uldus basin of Tianshan mountains

白花蛇舌草 白花蛇舌草 bai2 hua1 she2 she2 cao3
Hedyotis diffusa

白腰草鹬 白腰草鷸 bai2 yao1 cao3 yu4
(bird species of China) green sandpiper (Tringa ochropus)

百草 百草 bai3 cao3
all kinds of grass; all kinds of flora

百草枯 百草枯 bai3 cao3 ku1

班草 班草 ban1 cao3
the most handsome boy in the class

宝盖草 寶蓋草 bao3 gai4 cao3
henbit deadnettle (Lamium amplexicaule)

本草 本草 ben3 cao3
a book on Chinese (herbal) medicine; Chinese materia medica

本草纲目 本草綱目 ben3 cao3 gang1 mu4
Compendium of Medical Herbs 1596, compiled by Li Shizhen 李時珍|李时珍

碧草如茵 碧草如茵 bi4 cao3 ru2 yin1
green grass like cushion (idiom); green meadow so inviting to sleep on

兵马未动,粮草先行 兵馬未動,糧草先行 bing1 ma3 wei4 dong4 - liang2 cao3 xian1 xing2
before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military maneuvers; an army marches on its stomach

草案 草案 cao3 an4
draft (legislation, proposal etc)

草包 草包 cao3 bao1
idiot; straw bag

草本 草本 cao3 ben3
grass; herb

草本植物 草本植物 cao3 ben3 zhi2 wu4
herbaceous plant

草标 草標 cao3 biao1
(old) sign made of woven weeds, placed on an object, an animal or a person, indicating that it is for sale.

草草 草草 cao3 cao3
carelessly; hastily

草草了事 草草了事 cao3 cao3 liao3 shi4
to rush through the work; to get through a thing carelessly

草草收兵 草草收兵 cao3 cao3 shou1 bing1
to work vaguely then retreat (idiom); sloppy and half-hearted; half-baked

草草收场 草草收場 cao3 cao3 shou1 chang3
to rush to conclude a matter; to end up abruptly

草场 草場 cao3 chang3

草船借箭 草船借箭 cao3 chuan2 jie4 jian4
lit. using straw boats to borrow arrows (idiom, from 三國演義|三国演义); fig. to use others' manpower and resources for one's own ends

草丛 草叢 cao3 cong2

草大青 草大青 cao3 da4 qing1
Isatis indigotica (indigo woad plant)

草地 草地 cao3 di4
lawn; meadow; sod; turf

草地鹨 草地鷚 cao3 di4 liu4
(bird species of China) meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis)

草甸 草甸 cao3 dian4

草垫 草墊 cao3 dian4
straw mattress

草垫子 草墊子 cao3 dian4 zi5
straw mattress; palliasse

草秆 草稈 cao3 gan3
straw; grain stalks

草稿 草稿 cao3 gao3
draft; outline; sketch

草根 草根 cao3 gen1

草根网民 草根網民 cao3 gen1 wang3 min2
grassroots netizens

草菇 草菇 cao3 gu1
straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea); paddy straw mushroom

草果 草果 cao3 guo3
black cardamom; (dialect) strawberry

草海 草海 cao3 hai3
Caohai Lake, Guizhou

草鸡 草雞 cao3 ji1
free-range chicken; (dialect) hen; cowardly

草菅人命 草菅人命 cao3 jian1 ren2 ming4
human life as grass (idiom); to kill people like scything grass; a politician acting with total disregard for the life of his countrymen

草荐 草薦 cao3 jian4
straw mattress; palliasse

草寇 草寇 cao3 kou4

草料 草料 cao3 liao4

草鹭 草鷺 cao3 lu4
(bird species of China) purple heron (Ardea purpurea)

草绿篱莺 草綠籬鶯 cao3 lv4 li2 ying1
(bird species of China) eastern olivaceous warbler (Iduna pallida)

草码 草碼 cao3 ma3
the ten numerals 〡,〢,〣,〤,〥,〦,〧,〨,〩,十 nowadays mainly used in traditional trades such as Chinese medicine

草满囹圄 草滿囹圄 cao3 man3 ling2 yu3
lit. jails overgrown with grass (idiom); fig. peaceful society

草莽 草莽 cao3 mang3
a rank growth of grass; uncultivated land; wilderness

草帽 草帽 cao3 mao4
straw hat

草莓 草莓 cao3 mei2
strawberry; (Taiwan) hickey; love bite

草莓族 草莓族 cao3 mei2 zu2
pampered young people unaccustomed to hardship (Tw)

草蜢 草蜢 cao3 meng3

草民 草民 cao3 min2
the grass roots; the hoi polloi

草木 草木 cao3 mu4
vegetation; plants

草木灰 草木灰 cao3 mu4 hui1
plant ash

草木皆兵 草木皆兵 cao3 mu4 jie1 bing1
lit. every tree or bush an enemy soldier (idiom); fig. to panic and treat everyone as an enemy; to feel beleaguered

草木鸟兽 草木鳥獸 cao3 mu4 niao3 shou4
flora and fauna

草泥马 草泥馬 cao3 ni2 ma3
grass mud horse; used as a substitute for 肏你媽|肏你妈, to mock or avoid censorship on the Internet

草拟 草擬 cao3 ni3
first draft; to draw up (a first version)

草耙 草耙 cao3 pa2
a rake

草爬子 草爬子 cao3 pa2 zi5
tick (zoology)

草皮 草皮 cao3 pi2
turf; sward; sod

草坪 草坪 cao3 ping2

草坪机 草坪機 cao3 ping2 ji1
lawn mower

草蜻蛉 草蜻蛉 cao3 qing1 ling2
green lacewing

草山 草山 cao3 shan1
Grassy Hill (hill in Hong Kong)

草珊瑚 草珊瑚 cao3 shan1 hu2
Sarcandra glabra (botany)

草石蚕 草石蠶 cao3 shi2 can2
Chinese artichoke; Stachys sieboldii

草食动物 草食動物 cao3 shi2 dong4 wu4
herbivore; herbivorous animal

草书 草書 cao3 shu1
grass script; cursive script (Chinese calligraphic style)

草率 草率 cao3 shuai4
careless; negligent; sloppy; not serious

草率收兵 草率收兵 cao3 shuai4 shou1 bing1
to work vaguely then retreat (idiom); sloppy and half-hearted; half-baked

草酸 草酸 cao3 suan1
oxalic acid C2H2O4

草体 草體 cao3 ti3
see 草書|草书

草图 草圖 cao3 tu2
a sketch; rough drawing

草屯 草屯 cao3 tun2
Caotun or Tsaotun town in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan

草屯镇 草屯鎮 cao3 tun2 zhen4
Caotun or Tsaotun town in Nantou county 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan

草屋 草屋 cao3 wu1
thatched hut

草鸮 草鴞 cao3 xiao1
(bird species of China) eastern grass owl (Tyto longimembris)

草鞋 草鞋 cao3 xie2
straw sandals

草药 草藥 cao3 yao4
herbal medicine

草鱼 草魚 cao3 yu2
grass carp

草原 草原 cao3 yuan2
grassland; prairie

草原百灵 草原百靈 cao3 yuan2 bai3 ling2
(bird species of China) calandra lark (Melanocorypha calandra)

草原雕 草原鵰 cao3 yuan2 diao1
(bird species of China) steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis)

草原灰伯劳 草原灰伯勞 cao3 yuan2 hui1 bo2 lao2
(bird species of China) steppe grey shrike (Lanius pallidirostris)

草原巨蜥 草原巨蜥 cao3 yuan2 ju4 xi1
Savannah monitor (Varanus exanthematicus)

草原鹞 草原鷂 cao3 yuan2 yao4
(bird species of China) pallid harrier (Circus macrourus)

草纸 草紙 cao3 zhi3
rough straw paper; toilet paper; brown paper

草字头儿 草字頭兒 cao3 zi4 tou2 er5
grass radical 艹

柴草 柴草 chai2 cao3

长草区 長草區 chang2 cao3 qu1
the rough (golf)

车前草 車前草 che1 qian2 cao3
plantain herb (Plantago asiatica)

车轴草 車軸草 che1 zhou2 cao3
honewort; Cryptotaenia japonica

虫草 蟲草 chong2 cao3
see 冬蟲夏草|冬虫夏草

出草 出草 chu1 cao3
(of Taiwan aborigines) to go on a headhunting expedition

锄草 鋤草 chu2 cao3
to hoe; to weed

除草 除草 chu2 cao3
to weed

除草剂 除草劑 chu2 cao3 ji4
weed killer; herbicide

酢浆草 酢漿草 cu4 jiang1 cao3
creeping oxalis; edelweiss

寸草不生 寸草不生 cun4 cao3 bu4 sheng1
lit. not even a blade of grass grows (idiom); fig. barren

打草 打草 da3 cao3
to mow grass; haymaking; to write a rough draft (of an essay etc)

打草惊蛇 打草驚蛇 da3 cao3 jing1 she2
lit. beat the grass to scare the snake; to inadvertently alert an enemy; to punish sb as a warning to others (idiom)

大草鹛 大草鶥 da4 cao3 mei2
(bird species of China) giant babax (Babax waddelli)

大草莺 大草鶯 da4 cao3 ying1
(bird species of China) Chinese grassbird (Graminicola striatus)

大草原 大草原 da4 cao3 yuan2
prairie; savanna

大会报告起草人 大會報告起草人 da4 hui4 bao4 gao4 qi3 cao3 ren2

待宵草 待宵草 dai4 xiao1 cao3
evening primrose

稻草 稻草 dao4 cao3
rice straw

稻草人 稻草人 dao4 cao3 ren2

灯草 燈草 deng1 cao3
the spongy, white pulp inside the stem of rush plants, used as a wick for oil lamps

灯草绒 燈草絨 deng1 cao3 rong2
see 燈芯絨|灯芯绒

灯芯草 燈芯草 deng1 xin1 cao3
see 燈心草|灯心草

灯心草 燈心草 deng1 xin1 cao3
rush (botany); Juncaceae

冬虫夏草 冬蟲夏草 dong1 chong2 xia4 cao3
caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps sinensis)

东茅草盖 東茅草蓋 dong1 mao2 cao3 gai4
thatched roof

毒草名 毒草名 du2 cao3 ming2

杜甫草堂 杜甫草堂 du4 fu3 cao3 tang2
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage (park and museum in Chengdu)

饭糗茹草 飯糗茹草 fan4 qiu3 ru2 cao3
lit. to live on dry provisions and wild herbs (idiom); fig. to live in abject poverty

方块草皮 方塊草皮 fang1 kuai4 cao3 pi2
divot (golf)

粪草 糞草 fen4 cao3
trash; garbage

干草 乾草 gan1 cao3

甘草 甘草 gan1 cao3
licorice root

藁草 藁草 gao3 cao3
hay; dried grass

割草 割草 ge1 cao3
mow grass

割草机 割草機 ge1 cao3 ji1
lawn mower (machine)

谷草 穀草 gu3 cao3

海草 海草 hai3 cao3

含羞草 含羞草 han2 xiu1 cao3
mimosa; sensitive plant (that closes its leaves when touched)

好马不吃回头草 好馬不吃回頭草 hao3 ma3 bu4 chi1 hui2 tou2 cao3
lit. a good horse doesn't come back to the same pasture (idiom); fig. one should not go back to one's past experiences (of love, job etc)

禾草 禾草 he2 cao3

呼伦贝尔草原 呼倫貝爾草原 hu1 lun2 bei4 er3 cao3 yuan2
Hulunbuir grasslands of Inner Mongolia

花草 花草 hua1 cao3
flowers and plants

荒草 荒草 huang1 cao3
weeds; brush (vegetation); wild grassland

荒烟蔓草 荒煙蔓草 huang1 yan1 man4 cao3
lit. abandoned by men and choked with weeds; desolate (idiom)

火绒草 火絨草 huo3 rong2 cao3
edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum)

积草屯粮 積草屯糧 ji1 cao3 tun2 liang2
to store up provisions against a war

疾风劲草 疾風勁草 ji2 feng1 jing4 cao3
the storm put strong grass to the test (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister; to show one's true colors after a stern test

疾风知劲草,烈火见真金 疾風知勁草,烈火見真金 ji2 feng1 zhi1 jin4 cao3 - lie4 huo3 jian4 zhen1 jin1
the storm put strong grass to the test, fire tests true gold (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister; to show one's true colors after a stern test

疾风知劲草 疾風知勁草 ji2 feng1 zhi1 jing4 cao3
the storm put strong grass to the test (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister; to show one's true colors after a stern test; also written 疾風勁草|疾风劲草

尖草坪 尖草坪 jian1 cao3 ping2
Jiancaoping district of Taiyuan city 太原市, Shanxi

尖草坪区 尖草坪區 jian1 cao3 ping2 qu1
Jiancaoping district of Taiyuan city 太原市, Shanxi

剪草除根 剪草除根 jian3 cao3 chu2 gen1
lit. cut grass and pull out roots (idiom); fig. to destroy root and branch; to eradicate

剪草机 剪草機 jian3 cao3 ji1
grass mower

结草 結草 jie2 cao3
deep gratitude up to death

结草衔环 結草銜環 jie2 cao3 xian2 huan2
to repay sb's kind acts (idiom)

劲草 勁草 jing4 cao3
tough upright grass; fig. a staunch character able to withstand tough test

枯草 枯草 ku1 cao3
withered grass; dry grass

枯草杆菌 枯草桿菌 ku1 cao3 gan3 jun1
bacillus subtilis

枯草热 枯草熱 ku1 cao3 re4
hay fever

拉菲草 拉菲草 la1 fei1 cao3
raffia (loanword)

蓝草莓 藍草莓 lan2 cao3 mei2
blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium)

捞稻草 撈稻草 lao1 dao4 cao3
to fish for a straw; futile attempt to gain profit

老牛吃嫩草 老牛吃嫩草 lao3 niu2 chi1 nen4 cao3
lit. an old cow eats young grass (idiom); fig. a May-December relationship; a romance where the man is significantly older than the woman

粮草 糧草 liang2 cao3
army provisions; rations and fodder

潦草 潦草 liao2 cao3
careless; slovenly; illegible (of handwriting)

鹿草 鹿草 lu4 cao3
Lucao or Lutsao township in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan

鹿草乡 鹿草鄉 lu4 cao3 xiang1
Lucao or Lutsao township in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan

绿草 綠草 lv4 cao3
green grass

绿草如茵 綠草如茵 lv4 cao3 ru2 yin1
green grass like cushion (idiom); green meadow so inviting to sleep on

马草夼 馬草夼 ma3 cao3 kuang3
Macaokuang village in Tengjia township 滕家鎮|滕家镇, Rongcheng county 榮成|荣成, Weihai 威海, Shandong

马草夼村 馬草夼村 ma3 cao3 kuang3 cun1
Macaokuang village in Tengjia township 滕家鎮|滕家镇, Rongcheng county 榮成|荣成, Weihai 威海, Shandong

马无夜草不肥,人无外快不富 馬無夜草不肥,人無外快不富 ma3 wu2 ye4 cao3 bu4 fei2 - ren2 wu2 wai4 kuai4 bu4 fu4
a horse cannot get fat without an extra ration, a man cannot get rich without an extra income (idiom)

蔓草 蔓草 man4 cao3
creeper; climbing plant; twiner

芒草 芒草 mang2 cao3
Miscanthus (genus of grass)

莽草 莽草 mang3 cao3
Chinese anise (Ilicium anisatum, a shrub with poisonous leaves)

茅草 茅草 mao2 cao3
sogon grass

矛纹草鹛 矛紋草鶥 mao2 wen2 cao3 mei2
(bird species of China) Chinese babax (Babax lanceolatus)

牧草 牧草 mu4 cao3
pasture; forage grass; pasturage

那拉提草原 那拉提草原 na4 la1 di1 cao3 yuan2
Nalat grasslands

南亚大草莺 南亞大草鶯 nan2 ya4 da4 cao3 ying1
(bird species of China) Indian grassbird (Graminicola bengalensis)

拈花惹草 拈花惹草 nian1 hua1 re3 cao3
lit. to pick the flowers and trample the grass (idiom); fig. to womanize; to frequent brothels; to sow one's wild oats

柠檬草 檸檬草 ning2 meng2 cao3

牛筋草 牛筋草 niu2 jin1 cao3
wire grass (Eleusine indica)

牛膝草 牛膝草 niu2 xi1 cao3
hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)

皮草 皮草 pi2 cao3
fur clothing

萍蓬草 萍蓬草 ping2 peng2 cao3
spatterdock (Nuphar pumilum), a type of lily

蒲草箱 蒲草箱 pu2 cao3 xiang1
rush basket

奇花异草 奇花異草 qi2 hua1 yi4 cao3
very rarely seen, unusual (idiom)

起草 起草 qi3 cao3
to make a draft; to draw up (plans)

浅草 淺草 qian3 cao3
Asakusa, district of Tokyo with an atmosphere of old Japan, famous for the 7th century Buddhist temple, Sensō-ji

茜草 茜草 qian4 cao3
Rubia cordifolia; Indian madder; munjit

墙头草 牆頭草 qiang2 tou2 cao3
sb who goes whichever way the wind blows; sb with no mind of one's own; easily swayed person; opportunist

青草 青草 qing1 cao3

惹草拈花 惹草拈花 re3 cao3 nian1 hua1
see 拈花惹草

惹草沾花 惹草沾花 re3 cao3 zhan1 hua1
see 沾花惹草

人生一世,草木一春 人生一世,草木一春 ren2 sheng1 yi1 shi4 - cao3 mu4 yi1 chun1
Man has but one life, grass but one spring (idiom). fig. the brevity of human existence

如草 如草 ru2 cao3

乳草 乳草 ru3 cao3
milkweeds (genus Asclepias)

三道眉草鹀 三道眉草鵐 san1 dao4 mei2 cao3 wu2
(bird species of China) meadow bunting (Emberiza cioides)

三棱草 三稜草 san1 leng2 cao3
sedge herb (Cyperus rotundus)

三叶草 三葉草 san1 ye4 cao3
clover; trefoil

杀草快 殺草快 sha1 cao3 kuai4

蛇麻草 蛇麻草 she2 ma2 cao3
hop (Humulus lupulus), climbing plant whose flower cones are used in brewing beer

麝香草 麝香草 she4 xiang1 cao3

神农本草经 神農本草經 shen2 nong2 ben3 cao3 jing1
Shennong's Compendium of Materia Medica, a Han dynasty pharmacological compendium, 3 scrolls

食草动物 食草動物 shi2 cao3 dong4 wu4

鼠尾草 鼠尾草 shu3 wei3 cao3
sage (Salvia officinalis)

水草 水草 shui3 cao3
water plants; habitat with water source and grass

饲草 飼草 si4 cao3
forage grass

四叶草 四葉草 si4 ye4 cao3
four-leaf clover

宿草 宿草 su4 cao3
grass that has grown on a grave since last year; (fig.) grave; to have died long ago; fodder provided to animals for the night

莎草 莎草 suo1 cao3
coco-grass or nut sedge (Cyperus rotundus)

蓑草 蓑草 suo1 cao3
Chinese alpine rush (botany)

薹草 薹草 tai2 cao3

薹草属 薹草屬 tai2 cao3 shu3
genus Carex

天涯何处无芳草 天涯何處無芳草 tian1 ya2 he2 chu4 wu2 fang1 cao3
there are plenty more fish in the sea (idiom)

通草 通草 tong1 cao3
rice-paper plant (Tetrapanax papyriferus)

兔子不吃窝边草 兔子不吃窩邊草 tu4 zi5 bu4 chi1 wo1 bian1 cao3
A rabbit doesn't eat the grass by its own burrow (idiom); One shouldn't do anything to harm one's neighbors.

忘忧草 忘憂草 wang4 you1 cao3
daylily (Hemerocallis fulva)

乌拉特草原 烏拉特草原 wu1 la1 te4 cao3 yuan2
Urat plain in Bayan Nur 巴彥淖爾|巴彦淖尔, Inner Mongolia

溪黄草 溪黃草 xi1 huang2 cao3
Rabdosia lophanthoides (no common name), herb plant of Lamiaceae family (together with mint and lavender), used in TCM

蟋蟀草 蟋蟀草 xi1 shuai4 cao3
wire grass (Eleusine indica)

仙草 仙草 xian1 cao3
medicinal herb (genus Mesona); grass jelly

香草 香草 xiang1 cao3
aromatic herb; vanilla; alternative name for Eupatorium fortunei; (fig.) loyal and dependable person (old)

香草精 香草精 xiang1 cao3 jing1
vanilla; vanilla extract; methyl vanillin C8H8O3

香草兰 香草蘭 xiang1 cao3 lan2
vanilla (Vanilla planifolia)

香根草 香根草 xiang1 gen1 cao3
vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanoides)

校草 校草 xiao4 cao3
the most handsome boy in the school (see also 校花)

缬草 纈草 xie2 cao3
valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

新修本草 新修本草 xin1 xiu1 ben3 cao3
Tang dynasty compendium of herbal medicine

行草 行草 xing2 cao3
semi-cursive script

熊胆草 熊膽草 xiong2 dan3 cao3
Conyza blinii

萱草 萱草 xuan1 cao3
Hemerocallis fulva; daylily

薰衣草 薰衣草 xun1 yi1 cao3

熏衣草 熏衣草 xun1 yi1 cao3

烟草 煙草 yan1 cao3

药草 藥草 yao4 cao3
medicinal herb

野草 野草 ye3 cao3
weeds; mistress or prostitute (old)

虉草 虉草 yi4 cao3
reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea)

益母草 益母草 yi4 mu3 cao3
motherwort (Leonurus heterophyllus or L. cardiaca)

隐身草 隱身草 yin3 shen1 cao3
legendary grass conferring invisibility; fig. to conceal oneself or one's plans

隐身草儿 隱身草兒 yin3 shen1 cao3 er5
erhua variant of 隱身草|隐身草

樱花草 櫻花草 ying1 hua1 cao3

又要马儿好,又要马儿不吃草 又要馬兒好,又要馬兒不吃草 you4 yao4 ma3 er5 hao3 - you4 yao4 ma3 er5 bu4 chi1 cao3
see 又要馬兒跑,又要馬兒不吃草|又要马儿跑,又要马儿不吃草

又要马儿跑,又要马儿不吃草 又要馬兒跑,又要馬兒不吃草 you4 yao4 ma3 er5 pao3 - you4 yao4 ma3 er5 bu4 chi1 cao3
lit. you can't expect the horse to run fast but not let it graze (idiom); fig. you can't have your cake and eat it, too

鱼腥草 魚腥草 yu2 xing1 cao3
Houttuynia cordata

阅微草堂笔记 閱微草堂筆記 yue4 wei1 cao3 tang2 bi3 ji4
Notes on a Minutely Observed Thatched Hut by Ji Yun 紀昀|纪昀, novel of the supernatural; The Thatched Study of Close Scrutiny

杂草 雜草 za2 cao3

苲草 苲草 zha3 cao3

沾花惹草 沾花惹草 zhan1 hua1 re3 cao3
to fondle the flowers and trample the grass (idiom); to womanize; to frequent brothels; to sow one's wild oats

斩草除根 斬草除根 zhan3 cao3 chu2 gen1
to cut weeds and eliminate the roots (idiom); to destroy root and branch; to eliminate completely

招风惹草 招風惹草 zhao1 feng1 re3 cao3
to stir up trouble (idiom); to sow discord

纸草 紙草 zhi3 cao3

中草药 中草藥 zhong1 cao3 yao4
Chinese herbal medicine

中亚草原 中亞草原 zhong1 ya4 cao3 yuan2
Central Asian grasslands

猪草 豬草 zhu1 cao3
ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia); fishwort (Houttuynia cordata)

紫草 紫草 zi3 cao3
red root gromwell (Lithospermum erythrorhizon); flowering plant whose roots provide purple dye; arnebia (plant genus in family Boraginaceae)

紫草科 紫草科 zi3 cao3 ke1
Boraginaceae (family of flowers and bushes)

棕草鹛 棕草鶥 zong1 cao3 mei2
(bird species of China) Tibetan babax (Babax koslowi)