strong-smelling vegetable (garlic etc); non-vegetarian food (meat, fish etc); vulgar; obscene

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
荤菜 葷菜 hun1 cai4
non-vegetarian dish (including meat, fish, garlic, onion etc)

荤素 葷素 hun1 su4
meat and vegetable

荤笑话 葷笑話 hun1 xiao4 hua4
dirty jokes; jokes of a visceral nature

荤辛 葷辛 hun1 xin1
very pungent and spicy vegetable dishes (a common Buddhist term)

荤腥 葷腥 hun1 xing1
meat and fish

荤油 葷油 hun1 you2
lard; animal fat

开荤 開葷 kai1 hun1
to resume a meat diet; to eat meat again after a period of fasting; fig. novel experience

七荤八素 七葷八素 qi1 hun1 ba1 su4
confused; distracted

茹荤 茹葷 ru2 hun1
to eat meat

茹荤饮酒 茹葷飲酒 ru2 hun1 yin3 jiu3
to eat meat and drink wine

五荤 五葷 wu3 hun1
(Buddhism etc) the five forbidden pungent vegetables: leek, scallion, garlic, rape and coriander

荤粥 葷粥 xun1 yu4
an ethnic group in ancient northern China

油荤 油葷 you2 hun1
meat foods