to sprout; to bud; to have a strong affection for (slang); adorable (loanword from Japanese 萌え moe, slang describing affection for a cute character)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
杜渐防萌 杜漸防萌 du4 jian1 fang2 meng2
to nip in the bud

防患未萌 防患未萌 fang2 huan4 wei4 meng2
to prevent a disaster before the event (idiom); to nip sth in the bud

复萌 復萌 fu4 meng2
to germinate again

故态复萌 故態復萌 gu4 tai4 fu4 meng2
to revert to old ways

旧态复萌 舊態復萌 jiu4 tai4 fu4 meng2
see 故態復萌|故态复萌

卖萌 賣萌 mai4 meng2
(slang) to act cute

萌动 萌動 meng2 dong4
to sprout; (fig.) to emerge

萌发 萌發 meng2 fa1
to sprout; to shoot; to bud

萌萌哒 萌萌噠 meng2 meng2 da1
(Internet slang) adorable; cute

萌生 萌生 meng2 sheng1
to burgeon; to produce; to conceive; to be in the initial stage

萌芽 萌芽 meng2 ya2
to sprout (lit. or fig.); to bud; to germinate; germ; seed; bud

萌渚岭 萌渚嶺 meng2 zhu3 ling3
Mengzhu mountain range between south Hunan and Guangxi

装萌 裝萌 zhuang1 meng2
(slang) to act cute