strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
邓亚萍 鄧亞萍 deng4 ya4 ping2
Deng Yaping (1973-), table tennis player, several times world and Olympic winner

浮萍 浮萍 fu2 ping2

萍卡菲尔特 萍卡菲爾特 ping2 ka3 fei1 er3 te4
Pinkafeld (Hungarian Pinkafő) Austrian town on the border with Hungary

萍蓬草 萍蓬草 ping2 peng2 cao3
spatterdock (Nuphar pumilum), a type of lily

萍水相逢 萍水相逢 ping2 shui3 xiang1 feng2
strangers coming together by chance (idiom)

萍乡 萍鄉 ping2 xiang1
Pingxiang prefecture level city in Jiangxi

萍乡市 萍鄉市 ping2 xiang1 shi4
Pingxiang prefecture level city in Jiangxi

邵飘萍 邵飄萍 shao4 piao1 ping2
Shao Piaoping (1884-1926), pioneer of journalism and founder of newspaper Beijing Press 京報|京报, executed in 1926 by warlord Zhang Zuolin 張作霖|张作霖