surname Dong

to supervise; to direct; director

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
不知丁董 不知丁董 bu4 zhi1 ding1 dong3
forgetting the fate of Ding and Dong (idiom); unheeding the lessons of the past

董必武 董必武 dong3 bi4 wu3
Dong Biwu (1886-1975), one of the founders of the Chinese communist party

董奉 董奉 dong3 feng4
Dong Feng, doctor during Three Kingdoms period, famous for refusing fees and requesting that his patients plant apricot trees instead

董鸡 董雞 dong3 ji1
(bird species of China) watercock (Gallicrex cinerea)

董建华 董建華 dong3 jian4 hua2
Tung Chee-hwa (1937-), Hong Kong entrepreneur and politician, chief executive 1997-2005

董事 董事 dong3 shi4
board member

董事会 董事會 dong3 shi4 hui4
board of directors

董事长 董事長 dong3 shi4 zhang3
chairman of the board; chairman

董阳孜 董陽孜 dong3 yang2 zi1
Grace Tong (Tong Yangtze) (1942-), Taiwanese calligrapher

董仲舒 董仲舒 dong3 zhong4 shu1
Dong Zhongshu (179-104 BC), philosopher influential in establishing Confucianism as the established system of values of former Han dynasty

董卓 董卓 dong3 zhuo2
Dong Zhuo (-192), top general of late Han, usurped power in 189, murdered empress dowager and child emperor, killed in 192 by Lü Bu 呂布|吕布

董座 董座 dong3 zuo4
(Tw) chairman (of a board of directors)

古董 古董 gu3 dong3
curio; antique

骨董 骨董 gu3 dong3
variant of 古董

古董滩 古董灘 gu3 dong3 tan1
Gudong desert or Antiques desert at Han dynasty Yangguan pass 陽關|阳关, named after many Han dynasty archaeological discoveries

联席董事 聯席董事 lian2 xi2 dong3 shi4
associate director