creeper; to spread

turnip; Brassica campestris

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
荒烟蔓草 荒煙蔓草 huang1 yan1 man4 cao3
lit. abandoned by men and choked with weeds; desolate (idiom)

蔓菁 蔓菁 man2 jing5
turnip; wild cabbage

蔓草 蔓草 man4 cao3
creeper; climbing plant; twiner

蔓生 蔓生 man4 sheng1
trailing plant; liana; creeper; overgrown

蔓生植物 蔓生植物 man4 sheng1 zhi2 wu4
creeper; climbing plant; twiner

蔓延 蔓延 man4 yan2
to extend; to spread

蔓延全国 蔓延全國 man4 yan2 quan2 guo2
to spread throughout the entire country

蔓越橘 蔓越橘 man4 yue4 ju2

蔓越莓 蔓越莓 man4 yue4 mei2

藤蔓 藤蔓 teng2 man4
vine; also pr.

迅速蔓延 迅速蔓延 xun4 su4 man4 yan2
rapid spread; to spread rapidly

枝蔓 枝蔓 zhi1 man4
branches and tendrils; fig. overcomplicated or digressive

滋蔓 滋蔓 zi1 man4
to grow and spread