to cover; to shield; to screen; to conceal

strokes 14
strokes after radical 12
蔽芾 蔽芾 bi4 fei4
luxuriant; lush; young (plants)

蔽身处 蔽身處 bi4 shen1 chu4

核屏蔽 核屏蔽 he2 ping2 bi4
nuclear shielding

后掩蔽 後掩蔽 hou4 yan3 bi4
backward masking

蒙蔽 蒙蔽 meng2 bi4
to deceive; to hoodwink

屏蔽 屏蔽 ping2 bi4
to screen; to block (sth or sb); to shield; (protective) shield

屏蔽罐 屏蔽罐 ping2 bi4 guan4

掩蔽 掩蔽 yan3 bi4
shelter; screen; cover; protection

衣不蔽体 衣不蔽體 yi1 bu4 bi4 ti3
lit. clothes not covering the body (idiom); fig. poverty-stricken

一言以蔽之 一言以蔽之 yi1 yan2 yi3 bi4 zhi1
one word says it all (idiom, from Analects); to cut a long story short; in a nutshell

隐蔽 隱蔽 yin3 bi4
to conceal; to hide; covert; under cover

隐蔽强迫下载 隱蔽強迫下載 yin3 bi4 qiang3 po4 xia4 zai4
drive-by download (a form of malware booby-trap); silent drive-by download

荫蔽 蔭蔽 yin4 bi4
to be shaded or concealed by foliage; to conceal; hidden; covert; shade (of a tree)

壅蔽 壅蔽 yong1 bi4
(literary) to cover; to conceal; to hide from view

障蔽 障蔽 zhang4 bi4
to obstruct

遮蔽 遮蔽 zhe1 bi4
to cover; to hide from view; to obstruct or block; defilade (military)

遮天蔽日 遮天蔽日 zhe1 tian1 bi4 ri4
lit. hiding the sky and covering the earth (idiom); fig. earth-shattering; omnipresent; of universal importance

子网屏蔽码 子網屏蔽碼 zi3 wang3 ping2 bi4 ma3
subnet mask (computing)