to wash; to squander; to sweep away; to move; to shake; dissolute; pond

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
摆荡 擺蕩 bai3 dang4
to swing; to sway

波荡 波蕩 bo1 dang4
heave; surge

簸荡 簸蕩 bo3 dang4
roll; rock

闯荡 闖蕩 chuang3 dang4
to leave home to make one's way in the world; to leave the life one knows to seek success

闯荡江湖 闖蕩江湖 chuang3 dang4 jiang1 hu2
to travel around the country

荡荡 蕩蕩 dang4 dang4

荡涤 蕩滌 dang4 di2
to clean up

荡妇 蕩婦 dang4 fu4
slut; floozy; prostitute

荡气回肠 蕩氣回腸 dang4 qi4 hui2 chang2
heart-rending (drama, music, poem etc); deeply moving

荡然 蕩然 dang4 ran2
vanished from the face of the earth; all gone; nothing left

荡然无存 蕩然無存 dang4 ran2 wu2 cun2
to obliterate completely; to vanish from the face of the earth

荡漾 蕩漾 dang4 yang4
to ripple; to undulate

荡舟 蕩舟 dang4 zhou1
to row a boat

涤荡 滌蕩 di2 dang4
to wash off

电磁振荡 電磁振蕩 dian4 ci2 zhen4 dang4
electromagnetic oscillation

跌荡 跌蕩 die1 dang4
variant of 跌宕

动荡 動蕩 dong4 dang4
unrest (social or political); turmoil; upheaval; commotion

放荡 放蕩 fang4 dang4
unconventional; licentious; wanton; easy in one's morals

放荡不羁 放蕩不羈 fang4 dang4 bu4 ji1
wanton and unrestrained (idiom); dissolute

浩荡 浩蕩 hao4 dang4
vast and mighty (of river or ocean); broad and powerful

浩浩荡荡 浩浩蕩蕩 hao4 hao4 dang4 dang4
grandiose; majestic

晃荡 晃蕩 huang4 dang5
to rock; to sway; to shake

激荡 激蕩 ji1 dang4
to rage; to dash; to surge; also written 激盪|激荡

君子坦荡荡,小人长戚戚 君子坦蕩蕩,小人長戚戚 jun1 zi5 tan3 dang4 dang4 - xiao3 ren2 chang2 qi1 qi1
good people are at peace with themselves, (but) there is no rest for the wicked

空荡荡 空蕩蕩 kong1 dang4 dang4
absolutely empty (space); complete vacuum

空空荡荡 空空蕩蕩 kong1 kong1 dang4 dang4
absolutely empty (space); complete vacuum

浪荡 浪蕩 lang4 dang4
to loiter; to hang around; dissolute; licentious

流荡 流蕩 liu2 dang4
to float; to tramp; to rove

批荡 批蕩 pi1 dang4
cement-sand wall plaster

漂荡 漂蕩 piao1 dang4
variant of 飄盪|飘荡

倾家荡产 傾家蕩產 qing1 jia1 dang4 chan3
to lose a family fortune (idiom)

扫荡 掃蕩 sao3 dang4
to root out; to wipe out

扫荡腿 掃蕩腿 sao3 dang4 tui3
leg sweep

坦荡 坦蕩 tan3 dang4
magnanimous; broad and level

邪荡 邪蕩 xie2 dang4

心荡神驰 心蕩神馳 xin1 dang4 shen2 chi2
to be infatuated with

胸怀坦荡 胸懷坦蕩 xiong1 huai2 tan3 dang4
open and candid (idiom); not hiding anything; ingenuous; open hearted; unselfish; magnanimous; broad-minded

雁荡 雁蕩 yan4 dang4
Yandang mountains, famous scenic area in southeast Zhejiang

雁荡山 雁蕩山 yan4 dang4 shan1
Yandang mountains, famous scenic area in southeast Zhejiang

冶荡 冶蕩 ye3 dang4
lewd; lascivious

一个幽灵在欧洲游荡 一個幽靈在歐洲遊蕩 yi1 ge4 you1 ling2 zai4 ou1 zhou1 you2 dang4
Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa.; the opening sentence of Marx and Engels' "Communist Manifesto"

逸荡 逸蕩 yi4 dang4

淫荡 淫蕩 yin2 dang4
loose in morals; lascivious; licentious; lewd

游荡 遊蕩 you2 dang4
to wander; to roam about; to loaf about; to be idle

振荡 振蕩 zhen4 dang4
vibration; oscillation

震荡 震蕩 zhen4 dang4
to vibrate; to shake; to shudder

振荡器 振蕩器 zhen4 dang4 qi4