to recommend; to offer sacrifice (arch.); grass; straw mat

strokes 16
strokes after radical 13
草荐 草薦 cao3 jian4
straw mattress; palliasse

饥馑荐臻 饑饉薦臻 ji1 jin3 jian4 zhen1
famine repeats unceasingly (idiom, from Book of Songs)

荐骨 薦骨 jian4 gu3
sacrum (bone at the base of the spine)

荐举 薦舉 jian4 ju3
to propose (for a job); to nominate; to recommend

荐头 薦頭 jian4 tou5
employment agent (arch.); job broker

荐头店 薦頭店 jian4 tou5 dian4
job agency (arch.); employment shop

荐言 薦言 jian4 yan2
to recommend (in words); to suggest

荐引 薦引 jian4 yin3
to introduce; to recommend

荐椎 薦椎 jian4 zhui1
sacrum (bone at the base of the spine)

举荐 舉薦 ju3 jian4
to recommend

毛遂自荐 毛遂自薦 mao2 sui4 zi4 jian4
Mao Sui recommends himself (idiom); to offer one's services (in the style of Mao Sui offering his services to king of Chu 楚 of the Warring states)

祁奚之荐 祁奚之薦 qi2 xi1 zhi1 jian4
Qi Xi's recommendation (idiom); recommending the best person for the job independent of factional loyalty

推荐 推薦 tui1 jian4
to recommend; recommendation

推荐书 推薦書 tui1 jian4 shu1
recommendation letter

推荐信 推薦信 tui1 jian4 xin4
recommendation letter

引荐 引薦 yin3 jian4
to recommend sb; to give a referral

章甫荐履 章甫薦履 zhang1 fu3 jian4 lv3
court crown beneath straw shoe (idiom); everything turned upside down

追荐 追薦 zhui1 jian4
to pray for the soul of a deceased

自荐 自薦 zi4 jian4
to recommend oneself (for a job)