fuel; salary

strokes 16
strokes after radical 13
抱薪救火 抱薪救火 bao4 xin1 jiu4 huo3
lit. to carry firewood to put out a fire (idiom); fig. to make a problem worse by inappropriate action

杯水车薪 杯水車薪 bei1 shui3 che1 xin1
lit. a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood (idiom); fig. an utterly inadequate measure

柴薪 柴薪 chai2 xin1

厝火积薪 厝火積薪 cuo4 huo3 ji1 xin1
lit. to put a fire under a pile of firewood (idiom); fig. hidden danger; imminent danger

带薪 帶薪 dai4 xin1
to receive one's regular salary (while on vacation, study leave etc); paid (leave); on full pay

带薪休假 帶薪休假 dai4 xin1 xiu1 jia4
paid leave

底薪 底薪 di3 xin1
basic salary; base pay; salary floor

发薪 發薪 fa1 xin1
to pay wages or salary

发薪日 發薪日 fa1 xin1 ri4

釜底抽薪 釜底抽薪 fu3 di3 chou1 xin1
to take drastic measures to deal with a situation; to pull the carpet from under sb

高薪 高薪 gao1 xin1
high salary

高薪酬 高薪酬 gao1 xin1 chou2
high salary

高薪厚禄 高薪厚祿 gao1 xin1 hou4 lu4
high salary, generous remuneration

高薪聘请 高薪聘請 gao1 xin1 pin4 qing3
to hire at a high salary

高薪养廉 高薪養廉 gao1 xin1 yang3 lian2
policy of high pay to discourage corruption

工薪阶层 工薪階層 gong1 xin1 jie1 ceng2
salaried class

工薪族 工薪族 gong1 xin1 zu2
salaried class

积薪厝火 積薪厝火 ji1 xin1 cuo4 huo3
to add fuel to the flames

加薪 加薪 jia1 xin1
to raise salary

减薪 減薪 jian3 xin1
to cut wages

救焚益薪 救焚益薪 jiu4 fen2 yi4 xin1
add firewood to put out the flames (idiom); fig. ill-advised action that only makes the problem worse; to add fuel to the fire

留职停薪 留職停薪 liu2 zhi2 ting2 xin1
leave of absence without pay (Tw)

年薪 年薪 nian2 xin1
annual salary

欠薪 欠薪 qian4 xin1
to owe wages; back pay; wages arrears

曲突徙薪 曲突徙薪 qu1 tu1 xi3 xin1
lit. to bend the chimney and remove the firewood (to prevent fire) (idiom); fig. to take preventive measures

日薪 日薪 ri4 xin1
daily wage

提薪 提薪 ti2 xin1
to receive a raise in salary

停薪留职 停薪留職 ting2 xin1 liu2 zhi2
leave of absence without pay

卧薪尝胆 臥薪嚐膽 wo4 xin1 chang2 dan3
lit. to lie on firewood and taste gall (idiom); fig. suffering patiently, but firmly resolved on revenge

薪酬 薪酬 xin1 chou2
pay; remuneration; salary; reward

薪传 薪傳 xin1 chuan2
(of knowledge, skill etc) to be passed on from teachers to students, one generation to another, abbr. for 薪盡火傳|薪尽火传

薪俸 薪俸 xin1 feng4
salary; pay

薪火相传 薪火相傳 xin1 huo3 xiang1 chuan2
lit. the flame of a burning piece of firewood passes on to the rest (idiom); fig. (of knowledge, skill etc) to be passed on from teachers to students, one generation to another

薪金 薪金 xin1 jin1
salary; wage

薪尽火传 薪盡火傳 xin1 jin4 huo3 chuan2
see 薪火相傳|薪火相传

薪水 薪水 xin1 shui3
salary; wage

薪资 薪資 xin1 zi1

月薪 月薪 yue4 xin1
monthly income (in kind)

周薪 週薪 zhou1 xin1
weekly salary