surname Ji

to insult; to walk all over (sb)

variant of 借

sleeping mat; to placate

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
杯盘狼藉 杯盤狼藉 bei1 pan2 lang2 ji2
cups and dishes in complete disorder (idiom); after a riotous drinking party

风流蕴藉 風流蘊藉 feng1 liu2 yun4 jie4
temperate and refined

借词推搪 藉詞推搪 jie4 ci2 tui1 tang2
to make a lot of excuses

借此 藉此 jie4 ci3
using this as a pretext; thereby

藉口 藉口 jie4 kou3
to use as an excuse; on the pretext; excuse; pretext; also written 借口

藉以 藉以 jie4 yi3
variant of 借以

藉由 藉由 jie4 you2
by means of; through; by

藉着 藉著 jie4 zhe5
by means of; through

藉资挹注 藉資挹注 jie4 zi1 yi4 zhu4
variant of 借資挹注|借资挹注

狼藉 狼藉 lang2 ji2
in a mess; scattered about; in complete disorder

落藉 落藉 luo4 jie4
to stay; to reside (old)

凭藉 憑藉 ping2 jie4
to rely on; to depend on; by means of; thanks to; sth that one relies on; also written 憑借|凭借

声名狼藉 聲名狼藉 sheng1 ming2 lang2 ji2
to have a bad reputation

慰藉 慰藉 wei4 jie4
to console; to comfort; consolation

以免借口 以免藉口 yi3 mian3 jie4 kou3
to remove sth that could be used as a pretext (idiom)

蕴藉 蘊藉 yun4 jie4
implicit; restrained; to be imbued with

枕藉 枕藉 zhen3 jie4
to lie in total disorder; lying fallen over one another