oppressive; tyrannical

strokes 9
strokes after radical 3
暴虐 暴虐 bao4 nve4
brutal; tyrannical

残虐 殘虐 can2 nve4
mistreatment; bullying; tyrannical cruelty

凌虐 淩虐 ling2 nve4
to maltreat; to tyrannize

虐待 虐待 nve4 dai4
to mistreat; to maltreat; to abuse; mistreatment; maltreatment

虐待狂 虐待狂 nve4 dai4 kuang2
sadism; sadist

虐恋 虐戀 nve4 lian4

虐杀 虐殺 nve4 sha1
to kill (or assault) sadistically

虐心 虐心 nve4 xin1
heartbreaking; tear-jerking

施虐 施虐 shi1 nve4
to torment; to abuse (an animal, child etc)

施虐狂 施虐狂 shi1 nve4 kuang2
sadism (psychiatry)

施虐癖 施虐癖 shi1 nve4 pi3
sadism (fetish)

施虐受虐 施虐受虐 shi1 nve4 shou4 nve4

施虐者 施虐者 shi1 nve4 zhe3
abuser; (in sadomasochism) dominant partner

受虐 受虐 shou4 nve4
to suffer sexual abuse; masochism

受虐狂 受虐狂 shou4 nve4 kuang2
masochism; masochist

肆虐 肆虐 si4 nve4
to wreak havoc; to devastate

性虐待 性虐待 xing4 nve4 dai4
sexual abuse

谑而不虐 謔而不虐 xue4 er2 bu4 nve4
to tease; to mock sb without offending; to banter

助纣为虐 助紂為虐 zhu4 zhou4 wei2 nve4
lit. helping tyrant Zhou 商紂王|商纣王 in his oppression (idiom); fig. to take the side of the evildoer; giving succor to the enemy